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Service Category: Professional Services

ITS offers IT professional services for Mason employees, such as project management, television production, and training.


Architectural Standards Review Board (ASRB)

The Architectural Standards Review Board (ASRB) is responsible for reviewing, verifying compliance, and providing recommendations for new and upgrade software and hardware procurement projects. The purpose of the ASRB process is to communicate business needs to ITS and other stakeholders. The university and ITS may already have supported software or hardware available that may be used. Additionally, the university and ITS may have existing contacts with various vendors that can expedite the procurement process.

Computer Purchasing Standards & Consultation

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a dynamic, reliable, and secure computing environment for faculty, staff, and students to achieve their goals at Mason.

IT Project Inventory Access

The IT Project Inventory is an online tool hosted on Project Online service for ITS project management and tracking needs.

Learning Space Design

Learning Space Design (LSD) supports the design, engineering, and implementation of classroom technologies to support teaching and learning on all Mason campuses.

Project Management Software

There are many tools available for managing projects.

Technical Business Solution Intake Request

When there is an implementation of a new technology solution or a significant architectural modification to a previously approved request for a solution must be processed by the portfolio intake process in order to identify risks associated with the implementation and/or operations of the solution.

Video Production Services

GMU-TV is a professional, full-service video production facility that specializes in creating educational content, research and scholarship communications, and marketing and outreach videos to support the academic and administrative departments of George Mason University.