Overview & Authority

The Architectural Standards Review Board (ASRB) is responsible for reviewing, verifying compliance, and providing recommendations with regards to new and upgrades to software procurement requests, University Policy 1307: Procurement and/or Development of Administrative Systems/Applications. The ASRB works with requesters to evaluate risk and determine mitigation strategies when necessary. The university may already have supported software available that may be used. Additionally, the university and ITS may have existing contacts with various vendors that can expedite the procurement process.

To find information based upon what the University currently supports, please visit the ITS Software Catalog.

ASRB process is detailed on the Procedure and Process Information page. On average, ASRB reviews are completed in 6-8 business weeks. Prior to purchasing software that will impact data management, storage, dissemination, security, involve controlled unclassified or sensitive data, or impact user experience, and in order to comply with Mason's procurement policy, the ASRB process should be initiated via a request (See Architectural Standards Review Board (ASRB).) Once your request has been processed, you will receive a confirming email with an assigned ticket number. The ticket number is used to identify your request across all review groups and organizations. Please note that significant architectural changes to software such as moving the software to a cloud-based solution may require ASRB review. Additionally, software resulting from the procurement of software development services may require ASRB review prior to the software being put into the production environment.

For questions or concerns, please contact the ASRB via email at asrb@gmu.edu.