Unplanned Outages

Updated Intermittent Phone Issues

ITS was able to identify the problem resulting in dropped or low volume on calls. The equipment was serviced and we have not experienced these… (READ MORE)

Phishing Alerts

Card Fraud Prevention

Security Alert: Unusual card activity detected Dear Client, We’re letting you know that we’ve detected some unusual activity on your Chase card on 01/26/2020. For… (READ MORE)

Quick request

Send me your available text number that I can reach you at. — Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Executive Director, Hylton Performing Arts… (READ MORE)


Webex Meetings Updates            

Impact of the change on users: There is no impact during the maintenance period. Your Webex client will automatically upgrade and patches will be applied… (READ MORE)

Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) Unavailable            

Impact of the change on users: The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance period. Reason for the change: ITS is… (READ MORE)


Webex Meetings Now Password Protected

To strengthen the security of meetings and protect against unauthorized attendance, Cisco now requires Webex Meeting sessions to be password protected. Webex Meetings is configured… (READ MORE)

After Action Reports