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No Unplanned Outages at this time.

Phishing Alerts

Subject Line Blank

Available, cellphone number? Best Regards, Maria Emelianenko Chair and Professor Department of Mathematics (READ MORE)

payment 25.1.2022 23:05:38

Hello [Recipient’s NetID]! Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account? Yes, this simply means that I have total access to… (READ MORE)

System Maintenance

Your mailbox storage has reached 99% on the email server. Visit [*link removed*] and login to adjust and maintain your Mailbox storage. Will not be… (READ MORE)


MicroStrategy Unavailable            

Impact of the change on users: MicroStrategy Production Web Access (microstrategy.gmu.edu) will be unavailable during the maintenance period. This will impact all enabled MicroStrategy users… (READ MORE)

CUI & Citrix VDI Maintenance            

Impact of the change on users: Controlled Unclassified Information and Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may be unavailable during the maintenance period. Reason for the… (READ MORE)


Data Privacy Week: January 24-28

This week is Data Privacy Week, and Information Technology Services (ITS) encourages everyone to review how much personal information others have access to or know… (READ MORE)

MASON-SECURE Retirement Delay

Earlier this year, Information Technology Services (ITS) announced that eduroam would replace MASON-SECURE as Mason’s primary Wi-Fi network this fall. Based on feedback from the… (READ MORE)

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