Unplanned Outages

Resolved Intermittent Phone Outage

University phone service has been restored and is working. If any phones are found not working, contact ITS telecom administration for reset instructions. (READ MORE)

Phishing Alerts


Anthony Falsetti shared a folder with you Anthony Falsetti shared the folder “FORENSIC SCIENCE PROGRAM” with you. FORENSIC SCIENCE PROGRAM Open [*link removed*] Privacy Statement… (READ MORE)

Document shared with you: “DC.docx”

† sunkanmi300@gmail.com shared a document sunkanmi300@gmail.com has invited you to edit the following document: Brad Edwards Abbott Share a file with you. DC.docx Open Google… (READ MORE)


MicroStrategy & 25Live Unavailable            

Impact of the change on users: MicroStrategy and 25Live will be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance period. Reason for the change: ITS is applying September… (READ MORE)

Data Center Maintenance: PDU Shutdown            

EXTENDED MAINTENANCE Impact of the change on users: The power distribution units (PDU) for several rows in the Data Center will be shut down during… (READ MORE)


Windows Virtual Desktop Retirement

Information Technology Services (ITS) is retiring the Windows Virtual Desktop service on Friday, October 1, to help provide a more streamlined set of services at… (READ MORE)

Blackboard Updates for This Fall

Information Technology Services (ITS) is ready to help as you prepare Blackboard courses for the fall semester. We are offering a number of online workshops for… (READ MORE)

After Action Reports