The 2017-2020 ITS Strategic Plan




Collaboratively implement and support technology that enriches teaching and learning, research, and university operations.


To inspire life changing learning and success for our students and for the entire Mason community by providing superior technology and collaborative solutions.


1. Engage with our customers and partners to align resources.

Action Items:

  • Actively listen to our customers in order to anticipate their needs
  • Work with our partners, as one Mason, to exceed the expectations of our customers
  • Implement a Continual Service Improvement process


  • Surveys, meetings, and open forums are all used to help us understand what our customers want and need
  • Services are designed, operated, and evolved over time to maintain continued relevance and alignment with changing requirements

2. Incorporate life cycle planning to develop sustainable services.

Action Items:

  • Include budgetary requirements for ongoing maintenance and replacement needs
  • Implement a formal Service Design process to ensure that linkages and dependencies are considered before a new service is put into production


  • Performance and support is improved by planning for adequate resources during the service lifetime
  • Equipment life cycle replacement, training needs, and staffing requirements are considered when a service is designed or updated

3. Value our people by encouraging their professional growth, promoting well-being, and recognizing excellence.

Action Items:

  • Treat people with respect
  • Provide opportunities for training, education, and other professional development
  • Encourage work-life balance
  • Nominate individuals and teams for rewards and recognition


  • Improved job satisfaction and reduced turnover
  • Our ability to recruit high quality employees is improved
  • Motivated staff produce higher quality work

4. Ensure that information technology assets are protected and monitored, to reduce university risk.

Action Items:

  • Adopt and mature an IT security framework and plan
  • Continue to update and enhance the ITS Continuity of Operations Plan


  • Reduced likelihood of data loss or compromise
  • Improved capability to quickly respond to information security incidents

5. Deliver solutions that catalyze student success.

Action Items:

  • Actively solicit feedback from students
  • Hold Town Hall Meetings on Technology on a regular basis
  • Provide an online Suggestion Box
  • Collaborate on projects with university colleagues that are intended to increase retention and graduation rates
  • Solicit feedback from student workers who support students in the use of technology (e.g. ResTech & Support Center)
  • Develop performance metrics to assess ITS contribution to student success


  • Satisfied students communicating positively on social media, impacting recruitment
  • Boost retention and increase graduation numbers
  • New solutions to support student success may be required

6. Respond with agility to changing technology needs.



We thrive by working together, encouraging and celebrating individual contribution and responsibility.


We exchange clear information, understanding the best work is the result of listening with an open mind.


We take responsibility for our actions and the products of our work. We honor our commitments.


We are creative, take measured risks, and learn from our mistakes.


We are empathetic and professional in everything we do.

Values Defined

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Communication1. Listen to others
2. Encourage the free exchange of ideas
3. Be concise and clear
4. Embrace different points of view
5. Understand that people process differently
1. Talk over/interrupt others
2. Make assumptions
3. Be ambiguous
4. Tell people not to talk across teams
5. Preach
Innovation1. Collaborate with others
2. Learn from mistakes
3. Try new things
4. Be flexible
5. Be open-minded
1. Shut people down
2. Be rigid
3. Tell people they can’t talk to other people
4. Say it is “not possible”
5. Over promise
Integrity1. Be honest and consistent
2. Own and learn from mistakes
3. Take ownership
4. Follow through
5. Honor your word
1. Blame others
2. Criticize mistakes
3. Sugar coat
4. Over promise
5. Show up late
Respect1. Respect other’s time
2. Acknowledge other ideas, opinions, and perspectives
3. Allow everyone to be heard
4. Take time to listen and listen sincerely
5. Empower people
1. Be condescending
2. Shutdown other’s opinions
3. Be passive aggressive
4. Be negative about contributions
5. Be late
Teamwork1. Celebrate and recognize accomplishments
2. Communicate
3. Be inclusive/collaborate
4. Involve everyone who needs to be involved
5. Combine/leverage skillsets
1. Discriminate or silo
2. Shut down opinions
3. Focus on the negative
4. Exclude others from problems or solutions
5. Take cheap shots