Mission Statement

The Enterprise Data Integration Services (EDIS) group enables Mason's sustainable growth, greater student return on investment, and cost-effective operations via efficient data integration processes and a robust data integration platform. By focusing on reuse, rapid and reliable development, and a well-planned data architecture, EDIS will increase the speed and quality of data integration implementation for inter-application data exchange and the aggregation of data for reporting and data analysis purposes.


The EDIS group manages integrations and data by using the Enterprise Data Integration System (also called EDIS). EDIS consumes data from sources such as Banner and Salesforce.com and lands them in EDIS. EDIS provides these data to consuming Mason systems to support analysis, comparison, and trending analyses. The EDIS group has collaborated with other groups from the beginning to ensure that EDIS is a compatible solution.

How Enterprise Data Integration System (EDIS) Works

Enterprise Data Integration System (EDIS) provides an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution to enable scalable data and application integrations among Mason-hosted and managed host applications and databases.

The EDIS solution architecture ingests, stores, and delivers specific business data content from specific data provider systems to specific data consumer systems and to customers at Mason and external to Mason.

For each data provider system, EDIS collects and manages the metadata about the business data ingested. The EDIS database framework sources data from multiple heterogeneous sources. It integrates and organizes this data in an archived, chronological view. This database framework not only facilitates data integration between applications, but also supports APIs, the data analytics/trending, and daily operational reporting needs of the University. The data in this framework is a single source of truth, as it is transformed by applying global business rules approved by the subject matter experts in the business units.


The Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) product is implemented as Mason's iPaaS solution. The Informatica Cloud Data Integration, Cloud Application Integration, and API Manager products provide robust capabilities to handle most data integration and application integration requirements. The iPaaS solution provides the ability to facilitate faster, easier integration of systems, apps, and data. The custom implemented API layer makes available data to extend application operations, to enable integrations, and to improve opportunities for partnering with university colleges or business units.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The EDIS Application Programming Interface (API) suite exposes enterprise data for consumption by API consumers. The API responds to data requests in a consistent format to streamline integration with enterprise ERP systems, third party, and mobile applications. Further, the iPaaS solution provides support to facilitate endpoint to endpoint integration in support of real-time data integration requirements.


To provide the Mason community with the best experience, the EDIS group collaborates with the Electronic Data Catalog (EDC) and data governance personnel.