Phishing Alerts

Febuary 2023 Payroll Timetable

Hi [Recipient’s name] For your eyes only, I’m sharing strictly private & confidential Febuary 2023 payroll timetable with you via Google Drive Cloud, the timing… (READ MORE)

Microsoft account security notification

Microsoft account Your account is set to close on 3/27/2023 Dear [Recipient’s name], Your account [Recipient’s NetID] is scheduled to be closed on 3/27/2023 due to account… (READ MORE)

Password Expiry Notification

Hi [Recipient’s NetID][AT]gmu[DOT]edu Your раѕѕԝоrԁ for is set to еxpirе on 2023-01-24. You can change or keep same раѕѕԝоrԁ with the buttоn below. Keep… (READ MORE)

Part-time Job Opportunity

I am offering any worker or student who could be interested in this wintertime part-time job opportunity, with a weekly salary of $500 from the… (READ MORE)

Your RenewalRDPHZ3826656

Hello [Recipient’s name] We are happy to inform you that your existing plan has just been renewed with us once again, so we suggest you… (READ MORE)