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STUDENT EMPLOYMENT OFFER Seeking a flexible, detail oriented, part-time executive and remote personal Assistant for busy real estate investor. Job will include varying duties from… (READ MORE)

Employment Verification Initiation

çHello, We are writing to you from Sterling. As a reputed consumer reporting agency, we perform a host of employment related background checks including verification of education,… (READ MORE)

Mortgage Evaluation

Employee Recipient’s name, Are you ready to purchase a new home or refinance to a lower rate on your current mortgage? With rates at an… (READ MORE)

No subject

Hi   Recipient’s name , I’ve an issue with my bank account and my account officer just texted me to stop any money coming into the… (READ MORE)

Agriculture Proposal.

Our Ref: Mr.Themba Mthembu Email— Phone- +27-71-700-7449 ATTN: Confidant, I am contacting you after making official enquiries at the foreign trade office of the… (READ MORE)