How do I log in to MasonLive for the first time?

Before you activate your MasonLive Account, you must first activate your Patriot Pass.

Step 1

Step 2

Scroll down to Option 5 (To activate/reset your MasonLive Microsoft Account) and click on the link.
Password Management Screen

Step 3

On the Central Authentication Service page, log in using your Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password.

Step 4

Type in a new MasonLive Microsoft Password using the guidelines provided. (Note: your MasonLive Microsoft Password and your Patriot Pass password CANNOT be the same.)

Step 5

Click the Save Password button. Done, you have created a MasonLive Microsoft Password.

Step 6

To login on your account go to and click Login here with your MasonLive account.

Step 7

You'll login with:

  • MasonLive Microsoft Password (the password you just created)

Step 8

You will now be asked to select your Language and Time Zone.

Step 9

All done! You are now inside your MasonLive inbox.

NOTE: This only changes your MasonLive Microsoft Password. Your Patriot Pass password is not impacted.