How to Connect to the Mason Cluster Via PuTTY (Windows)

Certain tasks on the Mason Cluster require commands to be executed on the command line. You will need to set up your Mason server space before you can utilize it. If you are not sure if you have already set up your Mason server space, nothing will change when you go through the steps below more than once.


Connect to the Server

PuTTY Download: Open a web browser to visit the official PuTTY download site at

If utilizing an FTP client not listed here, such as Cyberduck, ensure that encryption is SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

How to Use PuTTY (Windows)

Step 1

Open the PuTTY SSH Client.

Step 2

In the PuTTY Configuration box, enter the hostname

Step 3

Select the connection type SSH. (Note: port should be set to 22.)

Step 4

Select Open.

Step 5

If this is your first time connecting, you may get a few warning messages. Select OK to dismiss the messages.

Step 6

Enter your Mason NetID (username) and password.

Once you have a mason> prompt, you can proceed with fixing server upload permissions or updating your website.