How to Upload and Publish Media to a Course with Kaltura Using Text Editor

Media can be uploaded via Kaltura anywhere Blackboard's text editor is available (discussion board, journal, item description, assignment submission, etc.). This assumes you have a media file on your computer that you area ready to upload.

Step 1

Navigate to the area where you want your video to be placed.

Step 2

For example, the content area's text editor (e.g. select the Build Content and choose Create>Item to access the text editor).

Step 3

If necessary, click the down arrow on the text editor (top right) to reveal more options.

Step 4

Click on Mashups and select Kaltura Media.

Step 5

On the My Media choose the Add New button and Media Upload to upload new media (or select an existing item).

Step 6

Click Choose a file to upload then locate and select a media from your computer.

Step 7

While the media is uploading, give the item a Name and Save.

Step 8

Once the media upload has finished click "Back to Browse and Embed" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9

Click the Select button next to your media.

Step 10

Name the item, choose any options, and Submit.

Suggestions for Successful Uploads

  • Some browsers limit upload file size to 2 GB.
  • Do not leave the page until your upload status is green and says "done."
  • Make sure you are using a fast Internet connection and that the computer does not sleep during the upload process.
  • After content is uploaded it may take several minutes for the content to encoded in the proper format for Playback.