How to Submit Video to a Course

Video and audio files can be submitted anywhere in a course via the text editor's Mashup tool.

Step 1

Enter the course you where you would like to submit your video.

Step 2

Select the area you would like to upload and submit your video (e.g., Discussions, Journal, Blog, etc).

Step 3

For example, in Discussions, you would click on create or reply to a new or existing thread. This will open the content editor. In Assignments, choose Write Submission.

Step 4

Expand the toolbars (if necessary), choose the Mashups, and select Kaltura Media from the drop-down menu.

Kaltura Media Mashups

Step 5


  1. Select Add New from your MyMedia pop-up window to upload a new video or audio file, create a webcam video, or record a presentation/screen recording with Kaltura Capture or,
  2. Select from the list of previously uploaded media.

Step 6

Your selected video will appear in the text editor {as a yellow placemarker}. It will play after you click Submit.

Step 7

Click Submit to add the video to your course.