How to Make Calls to Webex Teams from a Touch Panel

Webex teams (previously Cisco spark) is a platform for team messaging, online meetings, and whiteboarding. If your office or organization is utilizing Webex Teams,  you can call your team and space members using this app.

Note: There may be slight differences between touch panels.

Step 1

Find the group or space in your Webex Teams account by clicking on the People icon. Choose the Group or Space and click the waffle icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Webex Teams

Step 2

Navigate to meetings.

Webex Teams

Step 3

Click Space meeting information and record the address under Join by video system.

Webex Teams

Step 4

Dial this string to join by this video system.

Step 5

Tap Call on the touch panel main screen and enter the video address from step 3 above. Press Call when the full address is entered.

Note: This will use the room’s camera and microphone and will call (ring) all members of the corresponding space.