How to Increase the Size of Your MESA Share

Note: You must be your Department's Technical Point of Contact in order to complete this process

Step 1

Open a web browser and navigate to Log in with your Patriot Pass credentials.

Step 2

Select Manage Shares from the left-hand menu.

Step 3

Select the department where your share resides.

Step 4

Select the share for which you would like to increase the quota.  (For this tutorial, I’ve chosen adt.demo.  Notice that there is currently a 1 GB quota.  You will not see this share when you log in. It is for demonstration purposes only.) 

Step 5

Enter the new quota in Gigabytes (GB) and select Change Quota.


Step 6

Your quota is now updated.  To verify, select on Manage Shares from the left, select the appropriate department to display all of the shares.  The share for which you’ve just changed the quota should reflect the update. (Notice that the adt.demo share now reflects the change to 2 GB)