Dynamic Forms Outage

Resolved Alert:

On December 12,2020, when all servers were back online, the slowness issue with Dynamic Forms was resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Alert Updates:

Here is our latest update from the vendor:

We wanted to follow up with you about the Dynamic Forms outage you and your users have been experiencing. This morning the server host which provides our load balancer and some of our Dynamic Forms servers went down in a catastrophic manner. In addition, the virtual software we have on the server that would automatically move the load balancer to a new host did not perform that activity. We are collecting all data from the server and the software to understand why there was a failure in both parts of our infrastructure. This was a hardware issue not related to the Dynamic Forms release that went live this morning and affected all Next Gen products. To resolve this issue we had to conduct a hot swap to a new load balancer. Dynamic Forms is available but will be a bit slower until all servers are back online. We understand the inconvenience the outage caused both you and your users and we appreciate your patience as we worked to get the sites back up and running.

Initial Alert:

Dynamic Forms is currently down.

The vendor was contacted and is working on a restoring service.

The message from vendor is: The host – hosting our load balancer went down – moving to hot swap – just be a minute – apologize for the outage.

We expect service restoration shortly.