Unplanned Outages

Webex Call Center Outage

Cisco BroadSoft, which runs the Webex Call Center has posted a service outage affecting all of North America. “Currently agents, supervisors and administrators are encountering… (READ MORE)

Updated Intermittent Phone Issues

ITS was able to identify the problem resulting in dropped or low volume on calls. The equipment was serviced and we have not experienced these… (READ MORE)

TeamDynamix Slowness

ITS ticketing system, TeamDynamix, is experiencing an increase in response time on the platform. The vendor is working to resolve the issue. (READ MORE)

Call Center Digital Lines Down

Please be aware that due to some maintenance code software updating some Call Center Digital phones may be down. Please check all phones in your… (READ MORE)

SPAM Calls

Telecom Administration has become aware of spam calls to university extensions. The caller ID may show as the Chinese Consulate or Veterans Affairs. Unfortunately, we… (READ MORE)