Service Summary

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) offers the configuration of wireless collaboration devices on all campuses. These devices can be located in a variety of learning or collaboration environments, either connected to an integrated AV system, or as part of a stand-alone display system. CaLT will provide departmental support staff with information to assist their customers when utilizing devices.

Getting This Service

Prior to submitting the request, the requestor is responsible for ensuring that the device is installed, and an active network port is connected to the device. Please refer to the IT Services catalog for information regarding Data Jack Assessment and Activation. If the device has not yet been installed, and you would like a list of potential installation vendors, please contact the Classroom and Lab Technologies support office at 703-993-2206.

If you would like to request the configuration of a Wireless Collaboration Device in Mason’s registrar or departmental space, you may submit the request via the Wireless Collaboration Device Configuration button.

All service requests will be processed in the order that they are received, and you should expect your request to be fulfilled within five (5) business days.


Once configured, Wireless Collaboration Devices are available for use at all times when Mason is open. Any interruptions to the service caused by network maintenance will be communicated through the Alerts & Bulletins page.

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) does not control access to spaces, George Mason departments are responsible for granting access and setting device use policies for their customers.

Wireless Collaboration Devices in CaLT-supported spaces will be monitored and maintained by Classroom and Lab Technologies.

Any issues can be reported to the Classroom Support office for that campus, or by submitting an Electronic Classroom Issue incident ticket.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing.

  • Only George Mason faculty and staff may request this service.
  • Only approved Collaboration devices may be added to the CaLT collaboration network.
  • CaLT will maintain firmware version of device(s) where applicable to maintain the university’s network security (for devices with valid licenses)
  • ANY and ALL new features of the devices on the CaLT collaboration network are subject to ITS approval.
  • ITS reserves the right to decline any configuration request