Class for Zoom Service Ending August 2024

Due to the Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation Project to Canvas, the Class for Zoom service will end on August 10, 2024. Summer 2024 will be the last semester this service will be available for use. See the Canvas LMS Transition site for more details about the move from Backboard to Canvas.

Service Summary

Class, sometimes referred to as Class for Zoom, is a new application that creates a teaching-specific interface on top of Zoom. For your synchronous class session Class for Zoom allows you to use online teaching tools to enhance your Zoom sessions and increase engagement with your online learners.

Class for Zoom can be used as an alternative for synchronous class sessions (instead of Zoom or Collaborate).

Key Features

  • Monitor activities in all Breakout Rooms at the same time
  • Easily track attendance and participation
  • See who is paying attention
  • Allow students to only share their cameras with the instructor
  • Proctor tests by viewing each student’s screen live
  • Sort your students in multiple ways (e.g., participation, alphabetically, hand raised, etc.)
  • Keep your cameras (as well as other presenters) in the front of the “room”
  • Jump into a private video chat with a student during a class session

Getting This Service

Faculty and Staff may request an account by submitting a request for Class for Zoom form.  Faculty and staff are then given access to the Class tool as instructor accounts when they log into Class using their Mason credentials. Students and guests will access Class for Zoom through scheduled sessions via a Blackboard tool link (Class for Zoom) in a course or by email invitation from the Class application.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing.

Additional Information

For questions and comments regarding Class for Zoom email

Class for Zoom Support documentation and Knowledge Base please go to

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