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Service Category: Computer Labs, Classrooms & Conference Rooms



Audiovisual Equipment Checkout

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) lends audiovisual equipment to faculty, staff, and students for class use during the instructional day.

Citrix Virtual Lab

The Citrix Virtual Lab provides remote access to academic software.

Class for Zoom

Class, sometimes referred to as Class for Zoom, is a new application that creates a teaching-specific interface on top of Zoom.

Classroom Support

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) provides support for classroom facilities and computer classrooms.

Collaborative Learning Areas

Collaborative learning areas are designed to facilitate group work.

Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB)

The Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB) supports effective teaching and learning with technology to enhance learning experiences and the quality of work-life at the university for current students, teaching faculty, instructional support staff, and academic units seeking to improve instruction. The CLUB provides training and support for instructional improvement and technology to enhance student learning, to support the use of technology-based courseware in classrooms, and to support instructional initiatives university-wide.

Computer Labs

Computer labs offer the university community access to computing resources and a variety of software in support of learning, teaching, and research. Labs have printers through the pay-for-print (PFP) network available.

Conferencing, Collaboration & Calling

This service page provides an overview of available web conferencing applications and rooms, collaboration and chat tools, and voice services.

Game Design Lab

The Game Design Lab, located in the Student Technology Assistance and Resource (STAR) Lab, is equipped with five powerful PC and two Mac stations with specialized game design software. Also included in the lab are flat-screen monitors and whiteboard walls to allow students to storyboard, design, and test their projects. Each computer is equipped with a tablet device, as well as top-of-the-line game design software.

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)

MS Teams Wiki End of Support Microsoft (MS) recently announced that they are ending support for Wiki, a smart-text editing feature within MS Teams that will be removed in January 2024.

Multimedia Production

The STAR Lab is an excellent resource for working on multimedia and art projects.

Scantron Machine

A Scantron machine is available for use in the Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB).

Software Installation in Classroom or Lab

ITS manages and maintains the equipment and software in university classrooms and labs.

Sound Space

The sound space contains special equipment and soundproofing to provide an ideal environment to record voice or edit audio.

Student Technology Assistance & Resource Lab (STAR)

Student Technology Assistance & Resource Lab (STAR) is a state-of-the-art multimedia computer and equipment checkout facility that provides the space and resources to complete creative projects. STAR Lab offers Mac and PC stations equipped with specialized video, multimedia, and game design software. This facility also has a variety of video production equipment available for checkout, as well as a video production studio. Student mentors with specialized knowledge of operating systems and applications are on hand to assist with troubleshooting.

Technology Conference Room

The Technology Conference Room seats 20 people and features a projector, portable presentation computers, a video conferencing package, and plugs for laptops to connect to the room’s technology.

Video Editing

Editing stations equipped with specialized video and film software are available for post-production work.

Video Production Equipment Checkout

STAR Lab offers Mac and PC stations equipped with specialized video and film, multimedia, and game design software.

Video Production Services

GMU-TV is a professional, full-service video production facility that specializes in creating educational content, research and scholarship communications, and marketing and outreach videos to support the academic and administrative departments of George Mason University.

Video Production Studio

A production studio space is available for students, faculty, and staff to be used for a wide range of video, still photography, or other multimedia projects.

Wireless Collaboration Device Configuration

Classroom and Lab Technologies (CaLT) offers the configuration of wireless collaboration devices on all campuses.


Zoom, available at gmu.