What are the Blackboard Course Roles?

Course Roles control access to the content and tools within a Course. Users are assigned a role for each Course in which they participate. For example, a User with a role of Teaching Assistant in one Course can have a role of Student in another Course.

The Course Role is set when a User is enrolled. It can also be edited after enrollment from the Control Panel.

  • Access to all areas of the Organization

  • Cannot delete another Instructor.

  • Students see all Instructors listed in their list of courses.

Teaching Assistant
(role is that of a co-teacher)
  • Has the same access to the Course as the Instructor.

  • Users (Limited)

  • Cannot delete an Instructor.

  • Can only add a Student and remove a user from the Course.

Course Builder
  • Course Content/Files

  • Course Tools

  • Users (limited)

  • Groups

  • Packages & Utilities

  • Can only add a Student and remove a user from the course.

  • No access to Grade Center, Evaluations, Course Reports or Statistics.

  • Course Content/Files

  • Course Tools (limited)

  • Evaluation

  • Grade Center

  • Packages & Utilities (limited)

  • Assists the Instructor in: creation, management, delivery, and grading of items, such as tests and Discussion Board posts.

  • Also assists in managing the Grade Center.

  • Access in Course Tools limited to Assessments and Rubrics.

  • Cannot add or remove Course Content.

  • Cannot add, edit, or remove users.

  • Can view content only.

  • Add content to interactive features.

  • Submit assessments

  • No access to Course Control Panel.

  • No access to the Control Panel and can only access areas that have been made available to Guests by the Instructor.
  • No access to student grades or collaboration tools (i.e. Discussion Board).