How to Download a Class Roster to Excel from Your Blackboard Course

You can download your class roster into an Excel spreadsheet from your Blackboard course to keep a hard copy of the names of your students enrolled in your course or to manually track class attendance.

The spreadsheet will list your student's first name, last name, NetID (username), G number (Student ID), last access date, and availability.

Note: Your official class roster can be found in Patriot Web.

Step 1

Under the Control Panel, click on Grade Center and then select Full Grade Center.

Step 2

Point to Work Offline and select Download.

Step 3

On the Download Grades page, click in the radio button next to User Information Only. Under Options, select either the tab delimited (.XLS) or comma delimited (.CSV) delimiter type. Choose comma delimited for importing to third-party applications that do not support Excel. Submit the page.

Step 4

On the Download Grade page, click on the Download button.

This will download a CSV or tab-delimited spreadsheet which lists one student per row. You can open this file in Excel. Click OK to return to the Grade Center.