How do I use Webex with video and audio in a room that is not equipped for a videoconference?

For a quality experience, it is recommended that you work with Enterprise Collaboration to secure a space that is integrated with Webex. (See the list of Videoconferencing Rooms). If a room is not available, it is recommended that you use a camera and mic. Please note, if you are not in an approved space, ITS is not able to provide support for the physical equipment.

If you are in a space that is not equipped with the video and audio portion of Webex, the only instance in which you can use Webex is to share files or your screen. In this scenario, the professor or meeting host would initiate the session on the computer in the room and everyone would join with their audio and video muted. The presenter role is passed to whoever needs to share a file, application, or their screen.