How do Combined Blackboard Courses Work?

In the image below, the top class is the Master (Combined) section with students from all sections enrolled. Enrollments will keep up to date with any drop/adds made to the Child (Individual) sections. As the instructor, you must make the master course available to give students access to the course.

The Child (Individual) Blackboard section cannot be made available— you must use the master/combined course. You will see the individual sections in your Course List and can access them to keep a private grade book, but you cannot add content or make the courses available to students. Please contact us if you wish to use the individual sections of a cross-listed course.

In the Master course, Instructors will see a new column on the Users and Grade Center pages. This will display the CRN of the original section in which the student is registered. This allows the instructor to sort students based on section and even create separate section views if desired.

Students will only see their individual section listed in their Course List. Choosing this course will automatically bring the student into the master/combined course.

If you are interested in releasing information or assessments to just one section and not the other, considering using the Groups or Adaptive Release functionality in the Master course.

Note: Manually combined sections (sections that are not cross-listed in Banner/PatriotWeb) cannot use the Import Grades from Blackboard function in Patriot Web.