How to Combine Two Sections of Same Course in Blackboard

Courses that are officially cross-listed in Patriot Web before the start of each semester, automatically have a third combined (Master) section created in Blackboard. You should only use this Master course section—students from both sections will have access to this course.

Note: If your course has reserved seats for INTO, Mason Online, Mason LIFE, etc., this is considered cross-listed and you will need to use the Master section of the course in Blackboard.

Combine Two Different Courses

To combine two different courses, ask your Scheduling Coordinator to cross-list the courses in Banner—this automatically combines them in Blackboard if they are cross-listed before the first day of the semester.

Combine Two Sections of the Same Course

Use the Blackboard: Combine Courses form (Login and choose Request this Service) to request two or more sections of the same course be combined in Blackboard.

Note: Sections combined in this manner cannot use the Import Grades from Blackboard function in Patriot Web.

Additional Information

For additional information, please review How do Combined Blackboard Courses Work?