Service Summary

Banner Admin is the administrative interface to Banner that allows authorized users to perform administrative duties within major functional areas including:

  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • General
  • Human Resources
  • Student Information

This is a closed system that allows access to authorized users with legitimate functional duties. Unauthorized use of this system and its material is strictly forbidden and may constitute a violation of state and/or federal law. This is unpublished material and contains confidential information. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, display, disclosure, and/or possession of this information are strictly prohibited.

Key Features

Back office processing for the administration of the university including:

  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing
  • Paying employees and vendors
  • Processing student bills and refunds
  • Awarding financial aid
  • Entering employee information for new hires
  • Producing tax forms (W2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • Administering employee benefits
  • Building course catalog, class schedules, registration time tickets
  • Maintaining academic history and print transcripts

Getting This Service

Comprehensive information on Banner Admin is available on the Administrative Systems website. Each department is assigned a Departmental Banner Liaison who works with a Banner Security Officer to process Banner service requests. The following information and forms are available to assist with Banner requests:

Note: Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge when using Banner Admin.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing and the Student Information Security Statement.

Additional Information

Banner login, information, and resources are available on the Administrative Systems homepage.

To get help setting up or configuring a printer for Banner reports, submit a request.

View the list of Banner liaisons.