Wi-Fi & Wired Networks Intermittently Unavailable in Select Buildings on Fairfax Campuses

Impact of the change on users:

The Wi-Fi and wired networks in the following buildings will be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window:

  • Blue Ridge Building 1st Floor
  • Eastern Shore 1st through 5th Floors
  • Merten Hall
  • Peterson Hall
  • Rappahannock Parking Deck
  • Sandbridge Building 2nd Floor
  • Skyline Fitness Center
  • Tidewater Building 1st Floor
  • Hampton Roads Building 1st & 4th through 6th Floors

Cell phone service will not be impacted. ResNet networks in the residence halls will be available; however, the following services may be intermittently unavailable in the residence halls: eduroam Wi-Fi, key card access updates, and solstice pods.

Reason for the change:

ITS is reloading a core router. (ID # 258486)