Duo Upgrade & ADFS/Cas/Shibboleth Maintenance

Impact of the change on users:
Login to applications requiring Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) authentication will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes during the maintenance window.

The upgrade will result in a new look to the prompt users receive when verifying their identities when signing into applications that use ADFS, such as Office 365, Zoom, SHS Medicat Portal, and CAS/Shibboleth, such as myMason, Patriot Web, and Parking Services.

The Remember Me function is being replaced with Trust this browser function. Do not use this function to authenticate on a shared or public computer.

Reason for the change:

ITS is upgrading Duo and updating Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Central Authentication Service (CAS), and Shibboleth to vendor requirements. (ID # 258429 & # 258847)