ePrint Unavailable

Outage category: 
All ePrint users
Resolved alert: 
03/14/2023 8:38 am

For the past several weeks, we have had issues in ePrint with “broken indexes”.  We had steps to fix the issue.  On Thursday, 3/9/23, we worked with the vendor (Ellucian) to make some configuration changes in an effort to prevent the broken indexes in the first place.

When the weekly maintenance jobs ran over the weekend, ePrint was shutdown and would not restart.

We had a call with the vendor Monday morning but reversing the changes from 3/9 did not fix the issue and allow ePrint to restart.  In the end, we restored ePrint from a backup from 3/8/23 and was able to start ePrint.  We then needed to reload the reports that had gone to ePrint between 3/9 and 3/13 to ensure that no data was lost.

Initial symptoms: 

ePrint url could not be found when the ePrint administrator attempted to login Monday morning.

03/13/2023 9:43 am - 03/14/2023 8:38 am
Impact to Mason: 

The ePrint users could not access it to review reports.

Affected Services: 
Banner Admin
Other Affected Services: 
ePrint Service

Changes made to resolve the index breakage problems


Restored from backup prior to changes and reload reports.


Since the ePrint test environment was not having issues, changes were not tested there first. Future changes will be tested there to make sure that the application can be restarted.

Service Team: 
CCSO, FAST, Database Middleware and ERP Support