How to Record a Video in Kaltura Using a Webcam

You will need a webcam connected to your computer in order to use this function of Kaltura.

Step 1

You can access the WebCam recording feature anywhere you see the text editor in Blackboard by selecting Kaltura Media, which is located in the drop-down menu of the Mashup tool or by clicking on Add New in the Course Media Gallery or your My Media pages.

Step 2

In the course text editor (e.g., Discussion Board, Assignment submission, etc) be sure your toolbar options are expanded to three rows (arrows at top right) and then select Mashups and click Kaltura Media from the drop-down menu.

kaltura media

Step 3

A new page will open. Select Add New and click Webcam (Express Capture) from the drop-down menu.


Step 4

After clicking the Webcam tab, you might receive a prompt asking you to allow or deny Kaltura access to your webcam. If so, click Allow. Please review this page for any browser or operating system security message help.

Note: Webcam Recording requires the Firefox and Chrome browser.

Step 5

An image of what is to be recorded will appear. When you’re ready, click the red circle Record button. Before you record, you can change options using the settings button at the top right - for example you could turn off the camera to record audio only.

Click Stop when finished recording.

Step 6

The recording will automatically play so you can review what you’ve recorded. If you need to delete and re-record click Record Again.


Step 7

Click the Use This button below your recording to save your video and upload.

Your video is automatically saved and uploaded to your My Media. Optionally, change the recording title and click Save.

Click Save and Embed to add the recording to a Blackboard content area (like discussion board post).

Save & Embed

Step 8

Your webcam recording will be placed inside the text editor. You may continue adding any additional information and when finished select Submit.

Note: Your recording may appear as a yellow box in the content editor until you click Submit.