How to Make the Respondus Monitor (including Respondus LockDown Browser) Required for Tests in Blackboard

Respondus Monitor is an additional measure of security that records webcam audio and video of a student taking a test. This ensures student identity and that the student is following the instructor's requirements (such as closed book or working alone). Instructors can review the video after the test is complete. It is used in addition to the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Students are required to:

  • Install and use the LockDown Browser application instead of a normal web browser
  • Have a webcam that passes Monitor's Startup Sequence

Student instructions and the LockDown Browser download link can be found in the Respondus Tools module located in the Courses tab on the myMason website.


After you have created your test as you normally would in your course and added it to a Content Area such as Assessments, select Course Tools from your course's Control Panel, then select Respondus LockDown Browser.


Click on the Settings button next to the test and choose Modify Settings.

Select the Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam option. If you would like to, you can enter a password students will need to enter to begin the test. Choose Require Respondus Monitor for this exam. More options will open. Uncheck any of the Startup Steps your students do not need to complete. Click Save and Close.


You should now see the status of your exam with the required LockDown Browser and webcam monitoring. The test name is appended to notify students LockDown Browser is required.

Remind your students they must download, install, and open the LockDown Browser application to take this test. If you entered a password on the Respondus options page, give that password out to students or to the testing center. If you did not enter a password on the Respondus options page, you do not need to give students or testing center any password.

Please Note

  • To preserve the settings used by LockDown Browser do NOT modify any of these settings in Test Options:
    1. Name
    2. Open Test in a New Window
    3. Require a password
    4. Password

    If these settings have been modified the test status will appear as an Error unless you return to the LockDown Tools page and click the Fix it! button next to the test.

  • Blackboard question type File Response is not supported in LockDown Browser as it could lead to potential exploit through the dialog box.
  • Once students begin the test, they will not be able to leave the test or quit LockDown Browser until they submit the test. They will not be able to save and resume the test later.