How to Make Your Course Available to Students

When courses are created, they are made unavailable to students by default and show the words (not currently available) after the course name. The availability must be changed in order for students to be able to access the course.

Option 1

Courses can be easily made available by clicking the lock icon located on the top right of the course.

A red lock indicates that the course is unavailable to students. Click the lock to make the course available.

A gray and open lock indicates that the course is available to students. If you click this icon, the course will be made unavailable and students will not be able to access it.

Option 2

Step 1

On the course menu, go to the Control Panel and click Customization.

Step 2

Select Properties from the options.

Step 3

On the Properties page, scroll down to the SET AVAILABILITY section.

Step 4

Set Make Course Available to Yes.

Step 5

Click the Submit button to save your changes.

Additional Information

Watch a short Blackboard video on How to Make Your Course Available to Students.