Mac Internet Connectivity Issue

Resolved Alert:

Last year ITS Mason managed Mac systems encountered an issue that resulted in the systems losing network connectivity. This was caused by a conflict between two Mason security software packages (Cisco Umbrella and Microsoft Defender) and MacOS Monterey. All three pieces of software have been patched to address the potential conflict. All systems should now have active and supported security software running on their managed Mac without risk of losing internet connectivity.


Alert Updates:

The latest update to the Monterey macOS (12.4) released by Apple includes a patch to address connectivity issues caused by the multiple network extensions. Information Technology Services (ITS) believes this was the root cause of the connectivity issue experienced by our customers. ITS recommends all Monterey MacOS users update their systems to the latest 12.4 version.

Computing Services is looking for assistance with testing this update. After a system has been updated, you are asked to re-enable the Microsoft Defender Network Extension. To do this, open Terminal and enter the following command “mdatp system-extension network-filter enable” and then reboot the system.

Please send any testing experiences to Mike Fletcher in Computing Services( Once enough testing results are received, ITS will schedule the automatic enabling of the Microsoft Defender Network Extension on all JAMF Managed Mac systems.

This behavior has been reported and Apple plans on addressing this behavior in an update to macOS Monterey.

Initial Alert:

Mac users have reported intermittent network access issues. ITS is investigating possible conflicts with endpoint protection software and has escalated the issue for resolution. Please contact the ITS Support Center if you are experiencing network connectivity issues as this will help us determine the root cause.