How to Create a Mobile Compatible Test with Blackboard

With Blackboard Mobile Learn, students are able to take certain tests and exams delivered through Blackboard Learn on their Android and iOS devices. In order to ensure compatibility with the latest mobile app, Blackboard has introduced a new test creation tool. The Mobile Compatible Test tool compliments the current test tool in Blackboard and can be accessed via your computer’s browser (not in the app). This tool creates tests that ensure mobile compatibility but students can also complete these tests via any computer browser.

Note: Best practices still recommend students complete tests in the most stable environment possible. Therefore the mobile testing option is being recommended for the use of informal evaluations. Suggested uses include informal assessments, quick surveys, pre-assessments, or in-class polling.

Turn on the Tool in your Course

Step 1

In your course's Control Panel choose Customization > Tool Availability.

Step 2

Check off any boxes next to Mobile Compatible Test. Click Submit.

Create the Mobile Test

Step 1

In any Content area in your course, hover over Assessments and select Mobile Compatible Test.

Step 2

Fill out the necessary information in the Test Settings and select Save Settings.

Step 3

Click on the Add Question pull-down to create questions.

Step 4

Select Save and Close when all questions have been added.

Additional Information

Ensuring Mobile Compatibility

Faculty can ensure tests are compatible with mobile devices in two ways:

Step 1

Use the Mobile Compatible Test tool

Step 2

When creating a standard test in Blackboard, use only compatible question types:

  • Calculated Numeric
  • File Response
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks
  • Hot Spot
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • True/False


  • Responses to short essay questions taken on mobile devices are limited to 300 characters.
  • After the first student has begun taking a test, faculty cannot change anything about a test created using the Mobile Compatible Test tool.