MicroStrategy UAT, or User Acceptance Testing, refers to an environment where users can test reports during development. Only specific users have access to this environment. If you have never been contacted by the BI Group to do testing in UAT, you do not have permission to log in to this environment. The normal development process is for a member of the BI Group to work on a new or changed report in a development environment that is not visible to the public. Once he/she has completed preliminary testing, the developer will migrate the report to UAT. If user feedback is required, appropriate users are given permission in the UAT environment. Once the UAT testers approve the reports, BI Group migrates them to Production for the entire Mason community to use.

> Log In to MicroStrategy UAT

Login Procedure

Wired Wi-Fi Networks

UAT users accessing MicroStrategy from a computer connected to Mason's wired network (except Mason Korea) may log in to MicroStrategy directly.

Remote/Other Wi-Fi Networks

UAT users accessing MicroStrategy from off-campus or while connected to Mason's Wi-Fi network will be required to use Mason’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) before you can log in to MicroStrategy.

  • If you are already a VPN user, log in to Cisco Secure Client with your Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password. Then visit the MicroStrategy UAT login.
  • If you need VPN access, see the instructions on Virtual Private Network (VPN) to download the Cisco Secure Client from the Related Downloads box on this page. Once you have the client installed, log in to the VPN, and then visit the MicroStrategy UAT login.

If you receive a browser error that the site cannot be found, a timeout message, or cannot get to the MicroStrategy login page for any reason, you may need to log in to the VPN.

VPN Help

For more information on installing the VPN software and/or using it, see Virtual Private Network (VPN) service page.  If you experience issues with the VPN service, contact the ITS Support Center.