Mason-managed Macs Upgrade to MacOS 13 (Ventura)

Impact of the change on users:

Mason-managed Macs

Beginning Monday, June 12, ITS will enforce upgrades, and any systems that have not been upgraded will have seven days after receiving notification to do so. Computers that cannot upgrade to at least macOS 11 may need to be replaced. Please work with your internal purchasing processes for the replacement of incompatible hardware.

For details see Information About Upgrading to MacOS 13 (Ventura).

Personal Macs

There is no deadline for upgrading personal devices, but your computer will only receive security patches or functionality updates from Apple if you upgrade. ITS support is limited for computers running unsupported operating systems. You are advised to upgrade to the highest OS your computer can support.

Reason for the change:

ITS is enforcing upgrades on Mason-managed Macs. (ID # 259475)