List of 2FA Authentication Options

Once you have successfully enrolled in 2FA, you are able to use any of the following authentication options.

2nd Factor
Duo Mobile App for Smartphone Two Options for 2nd Factor:

  • Push – Login attempt sends a message to your smart phone. Push a button and you are in (network required)
  • Bypass Code – Generate a single use code & enter with your NetID and password (no network or data required)

Free Download from device’s App Store for phone or tablet

Hard Token (Yubikey)
  • Hardware Token – Plug USB device into computer and when prompted, press button to auto-populate a passcode

Available at Patriot Tech for $35

Bypass Codes


  • Passcode - Generate a list of 10 One-Time use Bypass Codes (OTP) via the 2FA Account Management Application @

Codes are Free and one-time use only, and unused codes expire after one year; Instruction for generating and printing a list  of code, see How to Request a Bypass Code (Non-Emergency)

Effective Tuesday, July 23, 2019, the following 2FA methods are no longer available to new 2FA users.  They will be removed for ALL existing users by November 2019.

  • SMS Passcode - Send a passcode to your phone as a text message

Each message costs Mason at least $.01

Duo Phone Callback
  • Callback - Phone call to your enrolled landline, office phone, cell phone – Press 1 to confirm authentication

Each call costs Mason at least $.02

Smartphone with Duo App

Option 1

Push-Login attempt sends a message to your smartphone; push approve button

Option 2

One Time Password-Generate a single use code; enter into the 2FA login window. (Note: passcodes generated through the Duo Mobile app do not require you have data or wireless Internet connection on your device.)

Yubikey (USB device for generating codes)

Plug it into the USB slot; press the button when prompted; a code will be auto-populated in the 2FA login window

Yubikeys are available for purchase at Patriot Tech

Duo Callback (all phones)

Phone call to an enrolled phone number; Press 1 to confirm authentication

Duo SMS Code (smartphone or non-smartphone mobile phone only)

Send a one-time password to your phone as a text message; enter code into the 2FA login window

If you need assistance related to 2FA, contact the ITS Support Center.