How to Connect to eduroam

Wireless devices that support 802.1x authentication are able to access the eduroam network.

Step 1

Make sure that Wi-Fi networking is enabled on your device.

Step 2

Find the screen or window on your device that enables you to set up and manage Wi-Fi networks.

Step 3

Scan for Wi-Fi networks. Note: some devices may require you to enable scanning for secure wireless networks. If so, enable this option.

Step 4

Find and select eduroam in the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

Step 5

Log in to eduroam using your Mason email ( and your Patriot Pass Password.

Step 6

If your device presents you with a screen (or a series of screens) that require a response or configuration, please enter the appropriate security preferences:

  • WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication: Protected EAP or PEAP
  • Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2

Note: ITS recommends that Mason faculty, staff, and students verify their connection to eduroam on the Mason campus prior to traveling. However, MASON-SECURE should offer the best network experience for Mason faculty, staff, and students while on campus.