How to Register a Device for Network Access

Individual students, faculty, and staff members must register their own devices through the web portal at

Step 1

With your preferred web browser open

Step 2

Log in to the portal with your NetID and Patriot Pass Password.

Step 3

Following the instructions, enter your device’s Mac address in the upper field, optionally add a description in the lower field, and click Submit.

Note: Mac addresses are generally found in your device’s network settings and are sometimes referred to as a Physical or Hardware address

Step 4

Make sure to enter the appropriate address:

  • Enter the wired Mac address for connections to wired networks
  • Enter the wireless Mac address for connections to wireless networks

Step 5

Registration occurs immediately and your device will appear in the Your Devices window at the bottom of the page.

Step 6

Reboot your device and connect it to the appropriate network:

  • Enter the wireless MAC address for connections to wireless networks
  • For wired access, connect the device to a residence hall or public jack