Can someone else upload media for me using Kaltura?

Yes. For example, Teacher Assistants can upload and place media in your course. However, the user who uploads the media remains its owner. We recommend users share or transfer ownership rights when placing media in a course.

The Collaboration tool in MyMedia>Select a Video>Actions>Edit>Collaboration  makes it possible to change media ownership or allow for multiple users to share ownership to a media.

The Collaborate tool options are:

Change Media Owner (Change who can administer and is credited with media. Note that this is not necessarily the copyright owner of the content. The original owner will no longer have access to the media).

Allow Media Collaborators (Select users that are allowed to edit the content metadata and related assets and/or allowed to publish and/or View only)

Permissions include:

  • Co-Editor- media appears in collaborator's MyMedia and can edit the video, make changes, create quizzes, and download the media (and more edit options).
  • Co-publisher-media appears in collaborator's MyMedia and can publish the media to any course they can access.
  • Co-Viewer-media appears in collaborator's MyMedia and user can only view the media.

Contact if you require a permanent change of ownership to a media.