How to Sign Up for Patriot Pass for New Employee

These instructions are to be used for Mason new hire employees who have never activated their Patriot Pass account (Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password). At the end of this process, you will have:

  • Claimed your Mason NetID – this is your username for nearly all Mason systems
  • Set your Patriot Pass Password – this is your password for nearly all Mason systems
  • Enrolled in Duo, Mason’s Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system
  • Provided a backup, non-Mason email address for account recovery should you forget your password
  • Created account recovery questions and responses which can also be used if you forget your password

If you have already know your NetID and set your password, you must go to to complete your required 2FA enrollment.

This process will take approximately 15-20 minutes depending on prior preparation.

Note: The Duo enrollment process is only available for those with non-international phone numbers. For those enrolling internationally (e.g., Mason Korea), you will need to enroll in 2FA directly through once you complete the account provisioning steps below. Please see the 2FA Enrollment Guide for detailed instructions on enrolling non-U.S. phone numbers.

What You Need to Get Started

To successfully complete all steps of the activation detailed here, you must have the following information ready to use before you begin:

  • Your G Number (G#) - this will be given to you by your hiring department or by Human Resources during the orientation process
  • Your Claim Code - this is the six-digit code that you were given during the HR orientation process or by your hiring department.
  • Access to a telephone - preferably a smartphone, for 2FA enrollment. If you have a smartphone, the Duo Mobile application downloaded from your phone’s app store (Android or Apple)

Note: If you are unable to complete this process fully, you must contact the ITS Support Center for assistance. They will let you know which steps are to be completed and where to complete them.


Follow the prompts to successfully complete this enrollment process. The following is a guide and meant to provide a general overview of the steps. Certain steps may be abbreviated or the screens displayed may be slightly different.

Step 1

Go to the Patriot Pass Password Management website to claim your NetID.

Step 2

Select Option 1, To Activate Patriot Pass Account, and click here.

Patriot Pass Option 1

Step 3

Enter your G Number and your Claim Code, then click Continue.

Password Management Enter NetID

Step 4

You will be presented with your Mason NetID – write this down and click Continue to move to the Additional Information screen.

Password Management Additional Information


Step 5

You will need to set your password. You will provide additional information used to recover forgotten or expired passwords and set your initial password.

Provide the following information used to recover forgotten or expired passwords and to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and then click Continue to move to the Security Question screen:

  • Alternate (non-Mason) email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number (preferably smartphone or cell phone. Please note, international phone numbers will not be enrolled in 2FA. If you enter an international phone number, upon completing this setup, you MUST go to and enroll directly through the Enroll in 2FA Link on the page.

Password Management Additional Information Screen

Step 6

Enter questions and answers to each security question.

Note: Each question and answer must be different. Once completing all four, click Save and Continue to move to the Picking a Patriot Pass Password screen.

Password Management Security Questions

Step 7

Enter and re-enter your password – use the guidelines to ensure you have a password that meets Mason’s requirements. Passwords are valid for 180 days and cannot be reused. Click Save Password.

The next screen will ask for your consent for Mason to collect information for the purpose of signing up for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Check the box I Accept and click Continue.

Step 8

After saving your password, complete the 2FA enrollment process using the phone number you entered in Step 5. You must be able to receive a call at that number to complete this process.

Review the verification of the phone number you previously entered:

  • IF CORRECT: If the phone number is correct and you are able to receive a call on it right now, click OK. Proceed to Step 10
  • IF INCORRECT: If you do not have access to a phone or if you need to change the phone number, click Cancel.

Duo 2FA Phone Information Screen

Step 9

If you clicked Cancel on the phone number verification, you will have an opportunity to update your phone number to a correct one. You will need to receive and respond to a phone call at that number as part of your enrollment. Revise the phone number as needed and click Continue.

Password Management Duo screen

If the number is correct, click OK.

Duo 2FA Phone Information Screen

If you do not have access to your phone:
If you don’t have access to a mobile phone or another phone option to use for enrollment, do the following:

Step 10

Confirm your 2FA enrollment by receiving and answering a phone call to the number provided – select Call Me to receive a phone call at the number you provided and confirmed in the previous steps.

Answer the phone and follow the voice prompts and on-screen instructions that display during the process.

Step 11

Complete phone enrollment – Select the type of phone and then click Enroll Device.

  • If you select iPhone, Android, or Other Smartphone, follow the QR Code prompt to enroll the device. Note: You must install the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone before completing the next step.
  • If you select Other Phone, continue to step 13.

Note: If you are enrolling an iPhone, Android, or Other Smartphone, you will receive a one-time text with a link to download the Duo Mobile App. If you have not done so already, please install and open the app before clicking Enroll Device.

Password Management Complete Initial Phone Enrollment

Step 12

Complete the enrollment of your smartphone by opening the Duo Mobile App and setting up your Mason 2FA Account. Follow the instructions on the page and scan the QR code.

Once you scan the code and set up your device, click Continue.

Password Management QR Code

Step 13

Review the confirmation page – enrollment is now complete. You will also receive a confirmation email to both your Mason account and your alternate email account.

Note: If you selected Other Phone, you will need a Yubikey or passcode as your second factor.  See How to Enroll Additional 2FA Devices.

Password Management 2FA Continue Screen

Step 14

Click Continue to finish the process and see the list of applications that use the Patriot Pass credentials.

Password Management Complete

Your enrollment is now complete.