How to Sign Up for Patriot Pass for Former Student or Alumni

If you previously attended or graduated from George Mason University, follow the steps below to sign up for your Patriot Pass.

Multiple password reset options are available. View the available options on Patriot Pass Password Management.

Note: If you are a returning employee and remember your G Number and Patriot Web PIN/Claim Code, follow the steps below to activate your Mason NetID.

If you have difficulty, contact the ITS Support Center. The Support Center will contact you approximately 2-3 business days after receiving your form. The ITS Support Center will provide you with a G Number.

Follow the steps below to activate your Limited Access NetID, password, and get a Patriot Pass Account.

Step 1

To activate your Limited Access NetID, password, and get a Patriot Pass Account, visit the Patriot Pass Password Management website.

Step 2

On the Welcome screen, select option 1, Activate Patriot Pass Account, and click here.

Step 3

On the Get Your Mason Username (aka NetID) and Password screen, enter your G Number and your PIN/Claim Code, then click Login.

Step 4

Your Limited Access NetID will be displayed on the Your NetID screen. Record or memorize it. Click Continue.

Step 5

On the User Verification screen, you will be informed as to the last time you changed your password. Click Continue.

Step 6

Next, you will access the Change/Enter Answers to Password Security Questions screen. Complete all of the answers, then click Save.

Step 7

On the Pick a Patriot Pass Password screen, enter your new password, per the Guidelines for Password Selection, then click Save Password.

Step 8

The Verification screen will indicate that your password has been updated.

You have now set up your Patriot Pass account. You can now use your Limited Access NetID and Patriot Pass Password to access Patriot Web Self Service.

Note: You will receive a Limited Access NetID that only allows you to log in to Patriot Web Self Service.