How to Install Cisco AnyConnect on a Windows Computer

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN allows you to connect to Mason networks, making access to restricted services possible as if you were on campus. To connect to the VPN from your Windows computer, you need to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN is available for download via the Related Downloads box to the right on this page, or you can install it from the Windows Software Center.

If Your Computer is on MESA

Step 1

Open Software Center by clicking the Start Button > All Programs > Microsoft System Center 2012 > Configuration Manager > Software Center.

Cisco Windows

Step 2

Check Cisco AnyConnect VPN and click Install.

Software Center

If Your Computer is Not on MESA

Step 1

Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client in the Related Download box in the upper-right of this page.

Cisco AnyConnect Windows

Step 2

Download the .zip file.

Step 3

Open the folder where the zip downloaded.

Step 4

Double click on the zip folder.

Step 5

Double click on the installer file.

Step 6

When the Setup Wizard starts, click Next to continue.

Cisco Next

Step 7

Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

Cisco agreement

Step 8

Click Install to start the installation.

Cisco Install

Step 9

Click Finish to complete the installation and exit the Setup Wizard.

Cisco Finish