How to Give Extra Credit to Students in the Grade Center

If you use the Total Column to Calculate Grades

Option 1

Create a column in the Grade Center called Extra Credit. On the Edit Column page, select Score as the Primary Display and then enter 0 for the Points Possible. Ensure that Yes is selected next to Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations. Click Submit. Entering a value of 0 for Points Possible will ensure that the total possible points of the course do not change.

Note: If you have edited the Total column to only include certain columns in calculating students final score, be sure to add the “Extra Credit” column otherwise it will be ignored.

Assign a value (greater than 0) to each student who should be given extra credit in the Extra Credit column.

Option 2

You can give extra credit to a student by simply entering their score plus extra credit in an existing column and then notate in your feedback to the student that you have given them ## additional points as extra credit.

If you use the Weighted Total Column to Calculate Grades

Giving extra credit to students in the Grade Center when you use weighted grades may not seem possible. Creating an extra credit column with a 0% weight would be ignored and creating an extra credit column with any other weight would require decreasing the weight(s) of one or more columns so it would no longer be extra credit.

An easy way to give extra credit to students when grading based on weights is to include those points in an existing column.

First, you will need to make a decision regarding the proportions of the extra credit. For example, adding extra points to a column that has a category of Midterm Exam may weigh those points higher than adding the extra credit points to a column that has a category of Participation.

In this example, extra credit will be added to the Participation column. This column was manually added and a category of Participation was created and associated with that column.

Click on the down arrow next to Weighted Total and select Edit Column Information. In Section 3, under Selected Columns, locate the Participation category. Next to Weighted Columns (Equally/Proportionally), click on the radio button next to Proportionally. The extra credit will be calculated appropriately.

Click Submit.