2023 IT Security Awareness Training Due October 31

Information Technology Services (ITS) has assigned the Mandatory 2023 IT Security Awareness Training(s) to MasonLEAPS account.

Similar to last year and to fulfill the annual compliance requirement, the training(s) have been assigned to all Mason employees, including contractors, affiliates, and student wage workers to equip everyone with knowledge about how to recognize phishing emails, cybersecurity risks, and online safety and security. The training, an industry standard, is required by George Mason and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Assigned training(s) must be completed by Tuesday, October 31 to avoid having your NetID disabled, which interrupts access to Mason services, including Patriot Web, Office 365, and Wi-Fi networks.

About the training:

Depending on your role and function, one or more of the following trainings have been assigned to you:

  • General IT Security Awareness Training – Assigned to all employees, including contractors, affiliates, and student wage workers. Additionally, a list of optional training modules relevant to specific regulatory or industry requirements (HIPAA, FERPA, ITAR, CUI etc.), are also available. Please review this list of optional training videos and complete the training applicable to your role and job at Mason.
  • Role-Based Technical Training – Assigned to staffs such as system administrators, database administrators, Active Directory administrators, HRIS, Finance, Business Intelligence, etc. Your account will have options from LinkedIn Learning related to your job. You are required to select one of the options. If you completed role-based training in the past, please select a different training. LinkedIn Learning does not give you credit for repeating a module that you reviewed in a prior year. The length of your training will depend on your selection.
  • Role-Based Highly Sensitive Data Custodian Training – Assigned to all users who may have access to Highly Sensitive Data in Banner or associated applications.

Instructions to access the training:

  1. Access the training by logging in at masonleaps.gmu.edu using your NetID and Patriot Pass Password
  2. Review ‘Your Action Items’ box to the right
  3. Select the appropriate training
  4. General IT Security Awareness Training – When the training comes up, you can select the training or opt to take a Knowledge Pre-Check quiz. If you opt to take the quiz, you will only have to complete training modules related to questions you answer incorrectly, and one other module called “You Are the Shield.”

If you have problems or issues accessing or taking the training, contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or support@gmu.edu.