Classroom PCs and Flash Drives Unresponsive

Outage category: 
All Registrar Scheduled Classrooms
Resolved alert: 
08/24/2023 1:51 pm

Users would experience an unresponsive file explorer when attempted to access files, most notably on personal USB drives.

Initial symptoms: 

Numerous reports of an unresponsive file explorer when attempting to access files, most notably on personal USB drives.

08/22/2023 4:27 pm - 08/24/2023 1:51 pm
Impact to Mason: 

Faculty initially could not access presentations and other class specific files during the classes. A workaround was provided with the initial alert by accessing files from within the associated application.

Affected Services: 
Classroom Support

A few factors resulted in a corrupted installation of Windows 11, this includes a new Security Policy, corrupted base OS image, and Deepfreeze. This OS corruption resulted in several basic Windows services from being able to start.


To resolve the issue, we had to uninstall Deepfreeze from all systems, direct Windows Update to Microsoft, and run several PowerShell commands to repair the corrupted OS files. After this was complete, we would direct Windows update back to our local WSUS, run Windows Updates, and reinstall deepfreeze.


To prevent this from occurring again we will be updating the base OS image to clean up any corruption within the image. Scans will be performed to verify this. We have also pulled the Security Policy and will reassess the policy to ensure that there is no further impact.

Service Team: 
Computing Services and Classroom and Lab Technologies