Mason has many options available for MicroStrategy training. In addition to those linked in the blue bar above, we also offer items in our Knowledge Base:

The BI Group offers regularly scheduled instructor-led training.

MicroStrategy Report Consumer Video

This is beginner-level training for all new MicroStrategy users, and we recommend taking this one prior to any of our other training. This is a 60-minute video that you can view at your own pace, or retake if you need a refresher at any time. In this training you will learn how to:

  • Log in to MicroStrategy and navigate the interface
  • Understand folder structure and different types of reports
  • Run prompted reports and interact with results
  • Save changes or create a personal view
  • Export to PDF or Excel
  • Create an email subscription

> To register go to George Mason MicroStrategy Report Consumer.

Note: You will need to log into MasonLEAPS via Duo Authentication.

MicroStrategy Dossier Introduction Video

This 20-minute training video is a beginner-level introduction to MicroStrategy dashboards which are called Dossiers. This training is for all MicroStrategy users where you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Dossier interface and switch between viewing modes
  • Use different panels such as the Contents and the Filter panel
  • Understand different types of visualizations
  • Show underlying data or export

> To register go to George Mason MicroStrategy Dossier Introduction.

Note: You will need to log into MasonLEAPS via Duo Authentication.

MicroStrategy Academic Analyst

This is an intermediate-level, instructor-led training. Users in a report analyst role or wishing to build customized reports should take this training. In this two-hour training, you will learn how to:

  • Use report and dossier templates
  • Sort and filter report results
  • Work with subtotals and outline view
  • Create custom metrics
  • Create visualizations
  • Create subscriptions

> To register go to George Mason MicroStrategy Academic Analyst.

Note: You will need to log into MasonLEAPS via Duo Authentication.

Librarian Training

In general, BIS creates and manages reports in the Shared Reports folder, and users cannot modify or delete any of these reports which are approved and available for general use, nor save any new reports created by themselves within the Shared Reports folder. However, units have a designated special folder in each MicroStrategy project within the Shared Reports folder, where they can manage for themselves and share their own user-created reports.

ProjectFolder Name
AcademicAcademic Unit Reports
AdministrativeDepartment Reports
SPDM Department Reports

The unit-managed folder is managed by one or more Librarians designated by each unit, and Librarians are also responsible for controlling access to the folder objects, i.e., reports or sub-folders.

To find out who are the Librarians for your unit, run the Academic Librarian Groups report or the Administrative Librarian Groups report located in the Shared Reports folder of the respective project.

All Librarians should attend Report Consumer training and Report Analyst training, as well as completing the Librarian training guide on their own.

Business Process Training

Many groups around campus also offer specialized business process training related to MicroStrategy. We have provided links below to their training or general Web site. Please contact the colleagues listed below if you would like more information about any specific business process training.

Business Process TrainingOfficeContactWebsiteNotes
PI Report and ReconciliationOffice of Sponsored ProgramsKimberly Maze Sponsored Programs
Fiscal Administration Session 1–
Introduction to Mason Finance and Reconciliation
Fiscal ServicesJessica Adams For Non-Sponsored programs
Admissions and StudentEnrollment ManagementDan Fisher

Rupa Mehta