How to Add or Remove a NetID from Canon Departmental Printing

Step 1

To request org codes be added or removed from an employee's NetID, visit and complete the online ticket.

Spiceworks Help Request

Step 2

Enter your email address ( in the Email field.

Step 3

In the Summary field, list the org code number(s) you would like to add or remove.

Step 4

In the Description field, enter the name of the person, their NetID, and org code to be added or removed. Please include the name and NetID of the Authorized Requester, as well as the Department Head Name and NetID.

If your request is for 10 or more people, please attach an Excel spreadsheet listing names, NetIDs, and org codes—informaion should be side-by-side.

Step 5

In the Category field,  select Exception— Add Users to Print or Exception— Remove Users from Print to print depending on your request.

Step 6

The Name/Number of Devices field is not necessary for this type of request. Enter N/A in this field.

Step 7

When you have completed the ticket request, click SUBMIT.

Your ticket will automatically be routed to Auxiliary Enterprises, and you will receive an email confirmation. Auxiliary Enterprises will respond to the ticket when the request has been processed.