MasonLive Login Troubleshooting

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  • Your full email address:
  • Your password is:
    • Your MASONLIVE Microsoft password (this is not your Patriot Pass Password)

Here are some directions if you need to reset your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password

Did you end up on any pages like these?


What do I do now?

  • You will need to clear your browser's cache and history. You can find tutorials for clearing the cache in most major browsers here:'s-Cache.
  • After clearing the cache be sure to fully close your browser (all tabs, all windows). Reopen your browser and try to login again.

Why does this happen?

If you use on you will get redirected to the employee email login and receive errors including (but not limited to) “Oops something went wrong” or “NoUserMailboxException” or “User does not exist”,  etc...