Searching For Approved Software

ASRB has approved several pieces of software for use within the Mason Community as required by University Policy 1307: Procurement and/or Development of Administrative Systems/Applications. The following list has been provided to allow Mason Community to find software to fit a technical need for a business or academic solution. At the time of the review, the software was evaluated for potential risk to the Mason Community, reviewed by subject matter experts of the identified risk, and required mitigation of any identified risk. The identified software below will include the review ID, the name of the software at the time it was approved, a brief description of the request, the requirement for use case review by ASRB, and a list of tags.

Approval To Use Previously Approved Software

Listed by each software is a Yes/No requirement for use case ASRB review. When a software has been approved by the ASRB it will be evaluated for future use by users and/or departments. If there is a potential risk to the community by expanding the use case, the software will be subject to a review by the ASRB. Due to the relatively recent engagement with the software and/or vendor, the review may be expedited. If a software has been approved by ASRB for longer than three years to date, the software may require a full ASRB review. Reviews completed prior to three years to date may not be listed in the ASRB Approved Software list below. If you have any questions about the availability of a software or if your request would require a use case ASRB review, feel free to email:

Requesting Previously Reviewed ASRB Software

Submit a new ASRB request, complete the ASRB form with the required information, and be sure to include the review ID of the previously reviewed software.

Application Software

ITS supports a variety of public domain and site-licensed software to the Mason Community. For more information about available software and support levels, please visit Application Software.

ASRB Ready Software List

IDKB SolutionKB DescriptionReview Required for New UseTagsStatusSolution Status
107120.NETCOVID Health Check-ME workflow daily assessment using .NET workflow tool.Yesassessment, check, covid, covid-19, health, netClosedApproved

  • Ableton Live

  • Propellerhead Reason

  • DaVinci Resolve

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering.

Propellerhead Reason is software for creative music production, recording, sequencing and mixing.

DaVinci Resolve.
Yesableton, ableton-live, audio, davinci-resolve, propellerhead, propellerhead-reason, video, workstationResolvedApproved
75956Acquia Content HubAcquia Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service that enables customers to securely author, search and share content throughout a complex network of sites and channels. Whether it's multiple sites, diverse departments, or different technologies, Content Hub connects content bi-directionally, enabling global enterprises to discover, reuse, and distribute content throughout their entire organization in a secure cloud environment.Noacquia, cloud, content, discovery, distribution, drupal, hubClosedApproved
115072ACT/NRCCUAA predictive modeling tool built by ACT/NRCCUA to help GMU recruit future students.Yesact-nrccua, enrollment, modeling, predictive, recruitmentClosedApproved
168688Add shibboleth to GitLabAdd Shibboleth to GitLab.Yesgitlab, interface, shibboleth, web-interfaceResolvedApproved
148911ADFS plugin for GenetecEnable the ADFS plugin for Genetec and require people to use 2FA for access to CCTV.Noadfs, cctv, genetec, pluginResolvedApproved
142619Adobe SparkAdobe Spark for web and mobile makes it easy to create social graphics, web pages, and short videos.Yesadobe, asset, digital, marketing, sparkResolvedApproved
78203Adoption & Insights PortalThe Adoption & Insights Portal allows faculty and staff to make book orders submitted to the bookstore as well as research new titles.Yesadoption-insights, book-orders, bookstore, portalResolvedApproved
173938ADP Contract RenewalADP Vendor to continue the following services:

  • Semi-monthly and bi-weekly tax deposits

  • Preparation of quarterly and annual federal and state tax returns

  • Preparation of amended and annual quarterly federal and state tax returns

  • Preparation of annual W2 reconciliation and printing of W2s

  • Special filings and setting up jurisdictions as needed

Yeshr, outside-vendor, payroll, payroll-services, vendorResolvedApproved
155674ADVANCE Career Accelerator Toolkit (ACAT)The Strada Education Network has granted funding to Mason, the Office of Academic Ventures (Academic Ventures), and the ADVANCE partnership to develop an ADVANCE student-centric web application called the ADVANCE Career Accelerator Toolkit (ACAT). The ADVANCE partnership currently involves NOVA students that matriculate to Mason to complete their baccalaureate degree. The ACAT POC currently uses common, widely-accepted web-application frameworks, programming languages, and database solutions, which are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The ACAT provides the following features for ADVANCE students:

  • A Skills Roadmap to help students visualize their skills acquisition journey, course-by-course in their major, en route to their desired career.

  • A Skills Profile which helps students plan and visualize their academic courses as well as skills acquired by course.

  • A Skills Transcript which helps enables students to speak confidently with employers about the in-demand skills you have gained within their ADVANCE Pathway.

Yesacat, accelerator, advance, career, skills, toolkitResolvedApproved
85481ADVANCE Career Accelerator Toolkit (ACAT)ADVANCE Career Accelerator Toolkit (ACAT) pilot development is to use common, widely-accepted web-application frameworks, programming languages, and database solutions, which are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).Yesacat, accelerator, aws, career, pilotClosedApproved
63365Affinaquest Software (Salesforce)Affinaquest Software (Salesforce) overlays Salesforce (Salesforce Native).Yesaffinaquest, crm, foundation, salesforceClosedApproved

  • Agisoft Metashape Pro

  • Lime Virtual Outcrop

Agisoft Metashape Pro renders scaled 3D models from input photographs of a subject.

Lime Virtual Outcrop is a geology specific 3D viewer/mapping (CAD-like) program for manipulating and interpreting 3D models generated in Metashape.
No3d, agisoft-metashape-pro, digital-geologic-mapping, geology, lime-vertual-outcrop, outcrop-photogrammetryResolvedApproved
160542Aira AccessAira Access is an on-demand service that connects blind and low-vision people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. Through an app on your smartphone, Aira delivers instant access to visual information at the touch of a button, enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence.Noaira, aira-access, campus, mapping, smartphoneResolvedApproved
137468AirTableAirTable is an online tool that has the frontend structure of a spreadsheet with the backend strength of a database. In Airtable, you can build tables, reference other tables, and data in tables, merge content, and build associations.Yesadmissions, airtable, cehd, database, marketing, on-line, recruitment, spreadsheetResolvedApproved
177773All Coursepacks | Harvard Business Publishing Education (obtaining access to courses)Access to Harvard Business Publishing Education for the following courses:

  • Transformative Learning Experiences

  • MSM Summer 2021 Math Prep

  • Harvard Business Publishing Education

  • Mathematics for Management Online Course

  • Harvard Business Publishing Education

Yescourses, management, mathematics, msm, on-line, prep, refresherResolvedApproved
69203AnsrsourceAnsrsource, a company with more than fifteen years of experience in designing innovative elearning solutions for a variety of audiences and with a key interest in higher education.Yesansrsource, blackboard, elearning, learning, moduleClosedApproved
269307Apple CompressorApple Compressor is an industry-standard application for encoding multimedia files. Apple Compressor functions within or alongside Apple Final Cut Pro X.Yesapple-compressor, encoding, multimediaResolvedApproved
269303Apple Final Cut ProApple Final Cut Pro is an industry-standard non-linear editor for video and multimedia.Yesapple-final-cut-pro, multimedia, video, video-editingResolvedApproved
269304Apple Logic Pro XApple Logic Pro X is an industry-standard Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for audio production.Yesapple-logic-pro, apple-logic-pro-x, audio, audio-production, daw, digital-audio-workstationResolvedApproved
269308Apple Main StageApple Main Stage is an industry-standard application for producing music and live performances. Apple Main Stage functions within or alongside Apple Logic Pro X.Yesapple-main-stage, performances, producing-live-music, producing-live-performancesResolvedApproved
269305Apple MotionApple Motion, an industry-standard application for creating and editing motion graphics, functions within or alongside Apple Final Cut Pro X.Yesapple-motion, creating-motion-graphics, editing, motion-graphicsResolvedApproved
9443ApptotoApptoto tool helps keep track of appointments and aids in the communication with participants to increase attendance of scheduled visits and program sessions.Yesappointments, apptoto, reminder, schedulingClosedApproved
140877ArcGIS On-LineArcGIS Online is a web application allowing sharing and search of geographic information, as well as content published by Esri, ArcGIS users, and other authoritative data providers. It allows users to create and join groups, and control access to items shared publicly or within groups.Noarcgis, on-line, storymapResolvedApproved
12182ArchivesSpaceArchivesSpace is the open source archives information management application for managing and providing web access to archives, manuscripts and digital objects.Yesarchives, archives space, fenwick, information, libraries, library, managementClosedApproved
105065Aruba ClearpassAruba Clearpass is a policy management platform that allows for effortlessly onboarding of new devices, granting varying access levels, and keeping networks secure. ClearPass allows for the safe connection of business and personal devices to a network in compliance with given security policies. It allows for the granting of full or limited access to devices based on users' roles, device type, and cybersecurity posture.Yesaccess, active, aruba, authentication, clearpass, control, directory, networkClosedApproved
158464ATLAS.tiATLAS.ti is a sophisticated tool that will help arrange, reassemble, and manage material in creative, yet systematic ways.Noanalysis, atlas, atlasti, criminology, data-analysis, researchResolvedApproved
170730AtomAtom is a free and open-source text and source code editor for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows with support for plug-ins written in JavaScript, and embedded Git Control, developed by GitHub. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies.Yesatom, avt, code-editor, developer, editor, text-editorResolvedApproved
162912AudacityAudacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.Noatv, audacity, in-class, lab-computers, projectsResolvedApproved
264892Audio OverloadAudio Overload is software that allows students to manipulate different tracks of video game music. This is an audio player developed for the emulation of sound hardware of computers and vintage consoles. The program plays audio from video game consoles that are old such as Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, and Super Nintendo.Yesaudio, audio-emulator, audio-overload, audio-player, video-game-musicResolvedApproved
177826AudioNotetakerAudioNotetaker and Glean are notetaking applications made available to members of the GMU community who required notetaking supports (i.e., students registered with DS or employees requesting work accommodations).Yesaccomodation, audio, audio-note-taking, notetakingResolvedApproved
265502AvePoint Cloud GovernanceAvePoint Cloud Governance is a suite which integrates with Microsoft 365 and provides for an overall governance of groups, teams, sites.Yesavapoint, cloud-governance, governance, microsoft-365ClosedApproved

  • Avid Media Composer

  • Avid Pro Tools

Avid Media Composer

Avid Pro Tools
Yesavid, avid-media-composer, avid-pro-tools, media, media-composer, video, video-editingResolvedApproved
243533Avid Pro ToolsAvid Pro Tools is an industry standard audio recording, mixing, and editing program. This is the main application is used to teach foundational courses in the Music Technology. The application is also used to teach basic audio theory, mixing and recording practices, signal processing, audio editing, MIDI production, and electronic composition.Yesaudio, audio-mixing, audio-theory, avid, midi, music, pro, pro-tools, technology, toolsResolvedApproved
303678Avid Pro ToolsAvid Pro Tools is an industry standard audio recording, mixing, and editing program.Noaudio-editing, audio-mixing, audio-recording, avid-pro-tools, music-theoryClosedApproved

  • Avid Pro Tools

  • Qlab by Figure 53

  • Listento by AudioMovers

  • Loopback by Rogue

  • Audio Hijack by Rogue

  • Amoeba

  • Vmix by Vmix

The following are Audio software tools:

  • Avid Pro Tools

  • Qlab by Figure 53

  • Listento by AudioMovers

  • Loopback by Rogue

  • Audio Hijack by Rogue

  • Amoeba

  • Vmix by Vmix

Yesarts, audio, center, video, vmixResolvedApproved

  • AVID Pro Tools

  • iZotope Nectar

  • LMMS

Avid Pro Tools

iZotope Nectar is a voice recording software.

LMMS as a free digital audio workstation (DAW)
Yesaudio, avid, daw, digital, izotope, lmms, pro-tools, video, workstationResolvedApproved
269296Avid SibeliusAvid Sibelius is an industry-standard music notation application for digitally composing and arranging sheet music that is in line with modern engraving standards for printed and digital music.Yesarranging, avid-sibelius, composing, engraving-standards, music, music-notationResolvedApproved
120541BA team will create a new DBLink from Banner to GMU2The DBA team will create a new DBLink from Banner to GMU2 that replaces the existing DBLink that goes from GMU2 to Banner; HRIS staff will create and maintain the data feed in Banner that will then be transported to using secure protocols and the existing infrastructure (e.g. "man-in-the-middle"). HRIS staff will be responsible for integrating the data feed into WordPress and ultimately the new website. (refer to this Ticket's Feed for more details)Yesbanner, dblink, gmu2, hr, hris, website, wpengineClosedApproved
269292BasecampBasecamp is an online project management tool with unique features specific for marketing/production teams such as message boards, to-dos, schedules, file storage, and automatic check-in questions. Request is for a subscription to this service.Yesbasecamp, marketing, project-managementClosedApproved
122160BioSig-ID (BSI)Biometric Signature ID (BSI) is a unique authentication and reporting tool using gesture biometrics. BioSig-ID is a patented, software-only biometric. The software measures the unique way a user moves their mouse, finger or stylus when they log in which can be used with any pointing device interface found on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.Noassessment, authentication, biometric, biometrics, biosig-id, blackboard, gesture, sacs, studentResolvedApproved
269322BlackMagic Design DaVinci ResolveBlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve is an industry-standard non-linear editor for video and multimedia.Yesblackmagicdesign, blackmagic-design-davinci-resolve, multimedia, video-editorResolvedApproved
76387Blue by ExploranceBlue by Explorance is a vendor hosted web tool for student evaluations of teaching (SET).Yesblue, evaluations, oiep, set, student, teachingClosedApproved
145569BluebeamBluebeam is a software application that allows users to markup, takeoff, organize, and collaborate with PDF files.Nobluebeam, drawings, marking-up, reviewResolvedApproved
110392BrowseAloudBrowseAloud is assistive technology software that adds text-to-speech functionality to websites and allows for accessibility features, such as speaking, reading, and translation.Yesaccessibility, browsealoud, features, texthelp, websitesResolvedApproved
150577Build a community WordPress website for the Peer Recovery Support Specialists Online Community, College of Health and Human Services Build a community website using an open-source product (WordPress), hosting both website and resource content on George Mason servers (DSHI). The site will be supported and managed with Mason staff to include site content, training resources, and educational research.Yesdshi, ecop, open-source, opioid, prss, recovery, vcop, web-site, wordpressResolvedApproved
70375Bulk EditBulk Edit is a free add-in which enables the quick updating of project fields directly from PWA and is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the features of SharePoint and Project Server 2013, 2016 and Project Online for fast performance and easy edits of hundreds of projects at once.Nobulk, bulk-edit, edit, pmo, projects, sharepointClosedApproved
258679Caandor LabsCaandor Labs an innovative design firm, to help us build a communication platform that integrates augmented reality and virtual reality.Yesaugmented-reality, caandor, caandor-labs, virtual-realityClosedApproved
170042CAE LearingSpaceCAE LearingSpace is an advanced application using Shibboleth authentication and full disk encryption to protect data. The application provides for distance learning, the recording of OSCEs, VR integration, and debriefing capabilities. The application is up to date with security features providing a high level of security.Yescae, debriefing, distance-learning, learningspace, osce, vrResolvedApproved
287121CalendlyCalendly is a scheduling platform.Nocalendly, scheduling, scheduling-platformClosedApproved
75053Campus KaizenCampus Kaizen is a cloud-hosted system that will allow for improved operations as well as more capabilities. This software will replace the current system, PAVE Suite (Judicial Action). We expect most of the same data that we send to PAVE to be sent to Campus Kaizen.Yesadvocacy, campuskaizen, campus-kaizen, conduct, integrity, kaizen, studentClosedApproved
142271CampusESPCampusESP Portal allows for the management of family engagements and provides access to customized and efficient communication, in addition it is a professional engagement platform to create community, event management functions, and an end-to-end family engagement strategy.Yesaccessible, campusesp, community, engagement, long-distance, publications, translate, translationsResolvedApproved
92061CampusLogic StudentFormsCampusLogic StudentForms automates the FAFSA verification and the C-code resolution process by applying proprietary logic to the Department of Education's standard Institutional Student Information Report (ASIR) received by higher education institutions participating in Title IV programs. It also provides customized workflows for collecting, reviewing, and tracking institution-specific financial aid documentation.Yescampus, campuslogic, c-code, fafsa, financial, isir, reviewing, studentforms, tracking, workflowsClosedApproved
268695CanvaCanva is a free graphic design platform that's great for making invitations, business cards, Instagram posts, and more.Yescanva, design, graphic, graphic-designClosedApproved
258167Canva ProCanva Pro is a program for graphic design including, banners, flyers, images, and presentations.Yesbanners, canva, canva-pro, design, flyers, graphic, graphic-design, images, presentationsResolvedApproved
175941Canva ProCanva Pro is a graphic design platform, for outreach purposes.Yescanva, canva-pro, design, graphic, graphic-designResolvedApproved
234712Canvas SkillStormCanvas SkillStormm provides professional education programs in the information technology area.

Note: The reviews for this ticket have been completed. By moving forward with the purchase the requestor agrees to abide by the guidelines set forth by the reviewer(s).
Yescanvas, continuing, continuous-professional-education, cpe, professional, skillstormResolvedApproved
290563CarouselCarousel is a hosted digital sign management platform.Yescarousel, digital-sign, sign, sign-managementClosedApproved
261358Cellebrite Educational Mobile Forensics PackageCellebrite Educational Mobile Forensics Package - Cellebrite Educational Mobile Forensics Package - This Cellebrite is currently the number one digital forensics mobile device tool in the United States and mobile device forensics is a critical skill that digital forensics examiners need in order to be successful.Yescellebrite, digital-forensics, examiners, forensicsResolvedApproved
259519Central Authentication Service (CAS)Use Central Authentication Service (CAS) to authenticate Springshare, a room reservation system.

Note: This request follows current Mason guidelines for authentication, it is approved to move forward.
Nocas, cas-authentication, library, room-reservation, springshareResolvedApproved
182785Chem101Chem101 is a classroom engagement app built specifically for college-level chemistry. If offers dynamic problems that are designed to help students learn and visualize abstract concepts in chemistry.Yesblackboard-integration, chem, chem101, chem-101, chemistryResolvedApproved
95960Cisco UmbrellaCisco Umbrella is a DNS services that can block requests to malicious websites before they reach the endpoint.Yescisco, defense, dns, malicious, network, umbrellaClosedApproved
125277CivilGEOCivilGEO is CAD and GIS based hydraulics and hydrology engineering software.Nocapstone, civil, civilgeo, engineering, geohecrasResolvedApproved
239748Class (for Zoom & Blackboard)Class for Zoom and Blackboard is an application that assists faculty using Zoom for face to face, blended and fully online courses manage their classrooms. The tool provides faculty with features that allow the platform to work more like a classroom.Yesblackboard, class, zoomResolvedApproved
275844Code 42 (for the cloud)Code 42 is a secure backup for compliance with CDC and others. Code42 offers AES 256 Encryption of our data at rest and in transit. The ASRB already approved the on-premise solution, but CODE 42 is moving to a cloud-only backupYescloud-backup, code42, code-42, secure-backupClosedApproved
121115CodeCommitAWS CodeCommit is a code repository software.Yesaws, code, codecommit, collaboration, game-330, game-410, repository, softwareResolvedApproved
106549CollegeVineCollegeVine hosts informational sessions for a variety of subjects to replace in-person recruitment norms. CollegeVine provides the Zoom room, Mason would send out our own invites to the meeting via Salesforce, and would not be sending any PII to collegevine in the process. The appeal of this platform is the aggregate data they send back from live polls.Noadmissions, collegevine, informational, recruitment, salesforce, sessions, zoomClosedApproved
115429ConstructThe Construct, a robot design simulation software, is used for Robot Design.Noconstruct, design, ece-370, robot, roboticsResolvedApproved

  • Construct 3

  • OptiTrack Motive

  • Adobe Substance Painter

Construct 3 is a creator software allows users to make their own games, no programming required.

OptiTrack Motiveis an optical motion capture software.

Adobe Substance Painter is a complete suite with everything artists need to create digital materials.
Noadobe, adobe-substance-painter, construct3, motion, motion-capture, optitrackResolvedApproved
54274CookieProCookiePro conducts ongoing website scans and generates reports categorizing found cookies and tracking technologies. CookiePro provides a branded web form that intakes requests, then securely delivers the user's data information report back to the user.Yescookiepro, cookies, eu, European, gdpr, scanClosedApproved
73701CorelDraw 2019CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor.Nocorel, coreldraw, draw, engineering, mechanicalClosedApproved
142084Cornerstone Succession PlanningCornerstone Succession Planning module.Yescornerstone, succession, succession-planningResolvedApproved
110656CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that leverages advanced EDR (endpoint detection and response) applications and techniques to provide an industry-leading NGAV (next generation anti-virus) offering powered by machine learning to ensure breaches are stopped before they occur.Yesanti-virus, crowdsource, detection, edr, endpoint, ngav, response, saasClosedApproved
283086CUE Reader COVID-19 Testing machinesCue Reader COVID-19 Testing machine - is a machine with a specimen wand, and a mobile app which displays test results after a patient specimen has been inserted into the reader. Mobile devices are connected to the reader devices via Bluetooth.Yescovid-19, covid-testing, cue, cue-reader, cue-reader-machinesClosedApproved
163539Cultural Intelligence Center (CQ)Online Learning Portal for undergraduate business students.
Yesbusiness, center, cic, cq, cultural, culturalq, intellingence, learning-portal, online, portalResolvedApproved
164628CventCvent is a robust, event management, symposium/conference software.Yescvent, event, symposiumResolvedApproved
79181CventCvent is a robust event management software.Noconference, cvent, event, registration, ticketingClosedApproved
273618DAC SystemDAC System: Post-Issuance Federal Tax Compliance Monitoring Agreement with Digital Assurance Certification (“DAC”) for web-based tracking, reporting and storing Private Business Use (PBU) information on GMU buildings financed with tax-exempt bonds.Yesdac, dac-system, tax, tax-compliance, tax-monitoringClosedApproved
111591DataverseDataverse is open source software for hosting research data.Yesdataverse, host, library, open-data, repository, researchClosedApproved
176945DaVinci Resolve 17DaVinci Resolve combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software tool.Yesdavinci, davinci-resolve, davinci-resolve-17, graphics, motion-graphics, post-production, visual, visual-effectsResolvedApproved
169151DaVinci Resolve 17DaVinci Resolve is a video editing tool.Yesblackmagicdesign, davinci, davinci-resolve-17, editing, video, video-editingResolvedApproved
102198DeepFreezeDeepFreeze computer management software is a reboot to restore software application from Microsoft.Nocomputer-managment, deepfreeze, microsoft, pc, reboot, restoreClosedApproved
146645DegreeworksDegreeworks provides students and advisors a visual checklist of courses and objectives required for graduation, including major requirements, major electives, capstone, and others.Yesdegree, degreeworks, degree-works, worksResolvedApproved
269558Develop software for the Datascribe (204907)Request for the Corporate of Digital Scholarship, an external contractor, to help us develop software for the Datascribe.YesdatascribeResolvedApproved
138013DocuSignDocuSign eSignature is an electronic signature solution.Yesdigital, documents, docusign, electronically, sign, signature, signaturesResolvedApproved
173691DroneSenseDroneSense is a third party, cloud based service (DroneSense) to stream live video feed from aircraft in operation to a browser based video review portal.Yesdrone, dronesense, gmupd, policeResolvedApproved
74970DubBotDubBot, a SaaS application, deployed via javascript snippet, identifies common content errors web admins struggle with on a daily basis. DubBot's automated crawls and reporting dashboard will help Mason's web admins.Noaccessibility, compliance, crawl, dubbot, governance, regulations, webClosedApproved
122774Echo360 and Zoom integration toolThe Echo360 and zoom integration tool will allow faculty to upload recordings directly to Echo360, which is the main platform we use at the Law School.Noecho360, integration, recording, upload, zoomResolvedApproved
175256EduventuresEduventures performs market research on tourism and events management using data provided to them by central enrollment. GMU is already using Eduventures for market research.
The data in question was already approved under another ASRB review, CEHD is just an additional customer for the data already sent to Eduventures.
Yeseduventures, events, market-research, tourismResolvedApproved
150736EEGEEG is a live captioning of digital performances.Nocaption, eeg, falcon, lexi, live-caption, rtmpResolvedApproved
80362Elements.CloudElements.Cloud is a cloud-based managed package purchased from the Salesforce App exchange that allows the user to document requirements, configurations, process maps, org structure, and design, as well as optimize management of the environment.Yescloud-based, configuration, documentation, elements, elements-cloud, management, salesforceClosedApproved
12679Ellucian Travel & Expense by Chrome RiverEllucian Travel and Expense by Chrome River product is a full-featured travel and expense reimbursement system that integrates with Ellucian Banner.Yesbanner, chrome, ellucian, river, travel, trsClosedApproved
61063Ellucian WorkflowThe Ellucian Workflow is a cloud-based solution and natively integrates with Banner through the Ellucian Ethos integration hub and APIs.Yesbanner, ellucian, ethos, integration, maker, process, workflowClosedApproved
122651EvaluateUREvaluateUR is software that sends and collects program evaluation information from students and faculty specifically for Undergraduate Research programs.Yesevaluateur, evaluation, programs, research, undergraduateResolvedApproved

  • Evernote

  • Dropbox

  • Grammarly

  • Quillbot

  • Quetext

  • LastPass

The software listed below for daily work to plan, organize, and write research articles, grant applications, etc. with


The following apply:

    Dropbox cannot be used with Mason data, this includes intellectual property owned by Mason (i.e. as part of the faculty member's contract)
    Evernote is okay (for non-sensitive data) for now. It may be eliminated as an option in the near future. I would strongly encourage moving to MS Teams/OneNote.
    We don't recommend a password manager; however, Lastpass is fine, just try to separate personal passwords from Mason if it's purchased with Mason funding.
Yesdropbox, evernote, grammerly, grant-applications, lastpass, quetext, quillbot, researchResolvedApproved

  • Evolve Clinical Skills

  • Evolve HESI Case Studies

  • Evolve HESI Exams
On-line Course Resources for Nursing Students:

  • Evolve Clinical Skills

  • Evolve HESI Case Studies

  • Evolve HESI Exams
Yescase-studies, clinical, course, courses, evolve, exams, hesi, nurse, nursing, onlineResolvedApproved
98234ExPrepThe ExPrep Grader is an automated grading tool for educators.Yesblackboard, course, covid-19, exprep, finance, onlineClosedApproved
125339FastfieldFastfield is an application that allows for creating inspection, checklist, survey or custom business forms with its online Form Builder. The forms built through Fastfield assists in the inspections with rich data collection such as photos, video and audio to document the inspections and any defects found. It follows ISO 27001 standards.Yesdocumentation, fastfield, health, inspections, residences, residential, safetyResolvedApproved
98064FileCloudFileCloud software supports users' storage, file transfer and sharing requirements.Yescompute-intensive, data, desktop, filecloud, share, storage, transferClosedApproved
258623FindTimeFindTime is a Microsoft owned add-in for Outlook and allows a meeting host/originator to poll potential attendees as to their preferred date/time for a meeting.

Note: Findtime has already been approved for use at Mason.

ASRB Admin:Please see ASRB Ticket # 126015 for further details.
Nofindtime, microsoft-addin, outlookResolvedApproved
126015FindTimeFindTime is a Microsoft owned add-in for Outlook and allows a meeting host/originator to poll potential attendees as to their preferred date/time for a meeting.Noattendees, findtime, meeting, office365, outlook, polling, surveyClosedApproved
119152FlipgridFlipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience for learners.Yesassignments, cehd, course, flipgrid, instructionResolvedApproved
82481Flywire A/R CollectFlywire's A/R Collect software will facilitate the collection of overdue accounts prior to sending an account to collection.Yesaccounts, automated, flywire, overdue, payment, studentClosedApproved
160773Flywire AR Collect (for Banner)Flywire AR Collect: Banner integration.Yesflywire, flywire-ar-collect, flywire-bannerClosedApproved is a web-based collaborative multi-media review software.Yescollaborative, frame, frameio, multimedia, subscription, trackingClosedApproved
105010GamelearnGameLearn is a gaming simulation platform.Yesgame, gametime, gaming, simulation, spmtClosedApproved
59544Genetec Genetec Security system is new software thatwould allow us to retain our current cameras and continue our move to our central server system. The software allows integration into some current Mason processes and better aligns software already in use by other departments on campus. This includes integration into the access control system, offering a single "pane of glass" for security.Noaccess, cameras, campus, cctv, genetecClosedApproved

  • GitHub

  • GitHub Desktop

GitHub and GitHub Desktop - as a developer environment and a code-library where developers share code, collaborate on projects, and find code which they can copy and modify for personal projects. Users can save code in the cloud where it can be stored or shared with other users.Nogithub, github-desktop, lab, laboratoryResolvedApproved
98523GoReactGoReact is a Video class assessment and feedback tool.Yesblackboard, courses, covid-19, goreact, onlineClosedApproved
253791GradescopeGradescope, a suite of tools designed to accommodate a common grading workflow, allows grading digitally and uniformly.

Note: The expansion of Gradescope has been approved by both the Registrar & IT Security.
Yesgradescope, grading, grading-workflowResolvedApproved
303039Gradescope (enterprise-wide license agreement)Gradescope software aids in seamlessly administering the grading of all assessments, homework, and exams. This ticket is for an enterprise-wide license agreement.Noassignement-grading, exam-grading, gradescope, grading, homework-gradingClosedApproved
271956GradGuardGradGuard is software that integrates into the StarRez housing application process. It allows for the student to be directed to GradGuard's site to read about renters insurance and purchase it if desired, then be redirected back to the application process in StarRez.Yesgradguard, renter-insurance-tool, student-renterClosedApproved
5059GrouponEvent ticketing tool for GMU basketball games. Groupon's platform integrates with Ticketmaster.Yesathletics, groupon, pci, ticketsResolvedApproved
271631Guardian Case Management SoftwareGuardian Case Management Software - is a configurable case tracking and reporting toolYescase-management, case-reporting, case-tracking, guardianClosedApproved
98382Hands On Lab - HOLHands On Lab (HOL) allows educators to develop and deliver science lab distance learning classes.Yesblackboard, cloud, covid-19, holClosedApproved
150247HarmonizeHarmonize, a tool connected through LTI into Blackboard, provides faculty and students with a more seamless and robust discussion platform that support increased interactivity and engagement in Mason's online courses.Yesblackboard, discussion, harmonize, lti, platformResolvedApproved
283752Higher Logic - Online Community SoftwareHigher Logic is an industry-leading, human-focused engagement Online Community platform.Yesengagement, higher-logic, online-communityClosedApproved
17695Hootsuite AmplifyHootsuite Amplify is a scalable solution that enables employees, alumni, and other Mason high profile people to share information, stories, and news directly from their mobile device.Yesamplify, brand, hootsuite, media, socialClosedApproved
104774Huron SuiteHuron Suite is a research administration system. This system will include modules for conflict of interest, proposal preparation and submission, awards (non financial), human subjects, animal subjects, export controls.Yesadministration, huron, research, suiteClosedApproved
105322Hurst ReviewHurst Review creates a study medium for students' to review core nursing content.Yesexamination, hurst, nclex, reviewResolvedApproved
237946HypothesisHypothesis is a set annotation tool that integrates with Blackboard. Two thousand (2000( site licenses were purchased.Yesannotation, annotation-tool, blackboard, blackboard-integration, hypothesisResolvedApproved
121416Influencer: INFLCRInfluencer (INFLCR) is a SaaS platform for sports team properties to store, track and deliver their content across their influencer network of athletes, coaches, former athletes, media, etc.Yesathletics, inflcr, influencer, marketing, social-media, student-athletesResolvedApproved
85453InfolinxInfolinx Records Management System is a browser-based Cloud Solution.Yesdigital, infolinx, management, recordsClosedApproved
26778Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC)Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is a Catalog Service that provides profiles on all University Data in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The Data Catalog service will provide a University User with the ability to search and find a data element, table, schema, database, etc. and identify its purpose, lineage, classification, regulatory compliance and business rules. The service will contain metadata for the elements and will not contain the actual data.Noaws, catalog, edc, enterprise, InformaticaClosedApproved
112593Inside Track ITK ITK's 'uCoach'University Life and the Mason Care Network have partnered with the Inside Track (ITK) vendor to provide coaching to Mason's ADVANCE students for 2 years beginning in this Fall (2020) as part of developing student coaching best practices at Mason.Yesadvance, coaching, insidetrack, itk, ucoachClosedApproved
269568Installation of speakers on the west campus integrated with the Alertus console on the Klaxon serverInstallation of speakers on the west campus integrated with the alertus console on the Klaxon server.Yesalertus, alertus-console, klaxon-server, speaker-installation, speaker-integration, speakersResolvedApproved
26798Integration from Mason Alert to Access Control systems.Mason Alert integration into the Access Control systems that will allow the lock down of buildings for inclement weather or university events.Noaccess, alerts, ehs, policeClosedApproved
171474International Tax Navigator interfaceInstall, configure and program the interface that would support the data transfer between International Tax Navigator (Thompson Reuters software) and Banner. The interface would allow the automated payroll data entry for the foreign national employees that will enhance accuracy of federal, state, and FICA withholding, as well as tax treaty benefits exemptions registration in payroll as well as other benefits.Yesbanner, interface, international, navigator, taxResolvedApproved
126598iThenticateiThenticate is a plagiarism checker used by the researchers, publishers, and scholars.Yesithenticate, plagurism, research, writingResolvedApproved
269315IzotopeIzotope plugins are industry-standard audio editing plugins that function within a previously approved or requested software application (Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X).Yesaudio-editing, audio-editing-plugins, izotopeResolvedApproved
147743JackTripJackTrip Network Music Technology - Cloud subscriptions to sync sound for musicians playing together remotely.Noclassroom, cloud, jacktrip, music, musicians, recitals, remoteResolvedApproved
176944Jeeva Informatics platformJeeva Informatics platform is used to send surveys and gather data from consented to participants.Yesinformatics, jeeva, platform, research, surveysResolvedApproved
111681JobscanJobscan is an AI-powered resume optimization tool for resume development and enhancement.Yesjob, jobscan, matching, optimization, resume, student, web-basedResolvedApproved
90457JobsconnectedJobsconnected is an on-line job fair software solution.Yescareer, connected, event, fair, jobs, jobsconnected, virtualClosedApproved
259169KahootKahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Its learning games, "kahoots", are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via a web browser or the Kahoot app.

Note: Kahoot has already been approved for use at Mason. Follow the accessibility guidelines. Please see ASRB Ticket # 160765 for further details.
Nointeraction, kahoot, on-line, quizzesResolvedApproved
160765KahootKahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Its learning games, "kahoots", are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via a web browser or the Kahoot app.Nokahoot, on-line, quizzesResolvedApproved
104431Kaplan LSAT PrepKaplan is a provider of online and in person LSAT prep courses.Yescourse, kaplan, lsat, online, prep, preparationResolvedApproved
104559Kaplan MCAT/DAT/GRE test prep servicesKaplan provides MCAT/DAT/GRE test prep services.Yesbio, dat, gre, kaplan, mcat, med, medical, online, prep, preparation, testResolvedApproved
132668KnackKnack is a fully customizable CRM database that allows for uploading contacts, sending email announcements, creating event registrations, applications, project submission portals, event calendars, reports and more. There is also a front-end "live app" that users/faculty may view and update the data placed in the builder.Yescrm, faculty, knack, stearns, trackingResolvedApproved
169153KritaKrita is an open-source cross-platform application that supports pens and drawing tablets. It can be used to create and edit graphics and it can also be used for animation.Yescourses, krita, online, summerResolvedApproved
137114LastPassLastPass is a password manager "vault" that stores encrypted passwords online.Yeslastpass, password, vaultResolvedApproved
92049LastpassLastpass Enterprise provides for encrypted shared stored location for generic passwords and other sensitive information (not PII or FERPA).Yesadministrators, enterprise, lastpass, license, management, passwordsClosedApproved
267874LeanForwardLeanForward is used to design and develop our training to an asynchronous format. The training would then be uploaded to MasonLeaps.Yesasynchronous, leanforward, training, training-developmentClosedApproved
169933LeaseQuery GASB 87 ModuleLeaseQuery GASB 87 Module software is to implement lease accounting as per the new GASB 87 accounting guidelines. The implementation of this software will automate lease accounting and eliminate lease accounting errors that may lead to material misstatements in the University's financial statements. This software will store lease agreements and lease agreement information.Yesaccounting, gasb-87, lease, leasequiryResolvedApproved
95952Leganto moduleLeganto module for the Alma system allows for the building of reading lists that are relevant, easily accessible, interactive, and include all types of materials.Noalma, blackboard, laganto, library, lists, readingsClosedApproved
80113LexipolLexipol provides state specific, customized, updated policy and training solutions through a proprietary hosted application service.Nolexipol, management, police, policies, policy, training, web-basedClosedApproved
181242LibCalLibCal is used for Librarian appointment scheduling and requires Azure registration to enable integration with librarians' outlook calendars.Yesappointment, libcal, library, library-calendar, outlook, schedulingResolvedApproved
163998Lighthouse LabsLighthouse Labs provide professional education programs in the information technology area. Lighthouse Labs will be offering programs and bootcamps in partnership with Mason on Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Information Security, and Web/Cyber Bootcamps.Yesblackboard, learning, lighthouse, lighthouse-labs, platformResolvedApproved
285684Lightning Dashboard for - AlertusLightning Dashboard for - Alertus - The webpage is going to be hosted by and the wordpress host. The information that is going to be posted on the website will come via an API from the alertus software on the Klaxon server.Yesalertus, lightning, lightning-dashboardClosedApproved
243636Logic Pro AppleLogic Pro (Apple product) is a full-featured music and audio app that can be used for every aspect of music creation: recording, arranging, mixing, and moreâ everything from sketching initial ideas to producing polished final mixes.Yesapple, arrangement, audio, audio-mixing, composition, logic-pro, music, recordingResolvedApproved
71727LS-DYNALS-DYNA is an advanced general-purpose multi-physics simulation software package.Yesls-dyna, on-campus, simulation, simulatorClosedApproved
289099MAKE MUSIC: FINALE v27MAKE MUSIC: FINALE v27 - This is one of the industry standard music notation programs.Yesfinale, finale-v27, makemusic-finale, music-notationClosedApproved
269295MakeMusic FinaleMakeMusic Finale is an industry-standard music notation application for digitally composing and arranging sheet music that is in line with modern engraving standards for printed and digital music.Yesarranging, composing, makemusic, makemusic-finale, music, music-notation, sheet-musicResolvedApproved
89610Marching OrderMarching Order is used to create an online experience to recognize graduates thru recorded video messages and individual slides for each graduate.Yesgraduate, graduation, marching, marchingorder, messages, online, order, recorded, videoClosedApproved
157152MaxMax, also known as Max/MSP/Jitter, is a visual programming language for music and multimedia developed and maintained by software company Cycling '74.Yesaudio, cycling74, cycling74-max, licenses, max, max-map, msp, videoResolvedApproved
269313Maxon Red Giant pluginsMaxon Red Giant plugins are industry-standard video editing plugins that function within a previously approved or requested software application (Adobe Creative Suite). These plugins do not operate outside of the approved application.Yesmaxon-red-giant, video-editing, video-editing-pluginsResolvedApproved
141806MedicatMedicat Advanced Business Intelligence reporting "Professional" upgrade will allow for the creation of reports by GMU staff.Yesbi, intelligence, medicat, professional, upgradeResolvedApproved
88567MedicatStudent Health Services’ electronic health record system, Medicat, has a process to automate the flow of immunization data to and from VIIS using ConnectVirginia, the statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) for Virginia.Yeshealth, immunization, medicat, records, registry, shs, student, viisClosedApproved
167234Medicat non-affiliate moduleMedicat has developed functionality to allow differentiation of the Mason and non-Mason users for authentication and registration purposes and has implemented this solution at another institution. It is intended that Mason also use the same functionality to allow the non-Mason residents to login to Medicat for COVID testing purposes.Yesauthentication, covid-testing, medicat, non-affiliate, non-mason, residentsResolvedApproved
100048Medicat's Mobile Self Check-InMedicat's Mobile Self Check-In module's functionality would allow patients to avoid the high-touch, shared kiosks in Student Health Center's lobby in favor of their personal electronic devices, reducing opportunities for disease transmission.Yescheck-in, medicat, mobile, on-site, shs, telehealthClosedApproved
106875MeltwaterMeltwater provides social media monitoring and engagement software that emphasizes analytics and focused engagement. It can examine millions of posts each day from social media platforms, blogs and news sites, filtering out the useless or non-applicable ones and assigning sentiment to the ones the users are interested in.Yesemail, journalists, media, meltware, press, releaseResolvedApproved
142442Microsoft (MS) BookingsMS Bookings is integrated with Microsoft 365 or Office 365 calendar. It is a scheduling software tool that enables users to quickly find available times and avoid double-booking.Yesappointment, bookings, children, cvent, learning, ms-bookings, pod, schedulingResolvedApproved
26829Microsoft BookingsMicrosoft Bookings is part of Mason's Office365 subscription. Bookings enhances the standard Outlook scheduling functionality by allowing people outside of Office365 to schedule appointments, allows Office365 users to control availability, simplifies the process of cancelling or rescheduling, and provides a mechanism for sending reminder notices.Noappointments, bookings, microsoft, office365, schedulingClosedApproved
81214Microsoft Defender ATPMicrosoft Defender ATP is Anti-virus software.Yesanti-virus, atp, defender, microsoft, ms-defender, virusClosedApproved
296237Microsoft OAuth 2.0Microsoft OAuth 2.0 - Microsoft OAuth 2.o authentication for email in TDX.Yesoauth, oauth-2-0ClosedApproved
104709Microsoft Office 365 integration with ZoomImplement a Microsoft add-in or plug-in allowing global use of Zoom in GMU's Office365 environment.Noadd-in, microsoft, office365, plug-in, zoomResolvedApproved
12449Microsoft PlannerMicrosoft Planner is a project management application that is part of the Office 365 suite and is available as a tile for all Mason users. Use for scheduling / project management tools - particularly those that handle card wall/kanban style task tracking.Nomanagement, microsoft, microsoft-planner, planner, pm, toolClosedApproved
24231Microsoft Project OnlineMicrosoft's Project Online is an integrated project management tool.Nooffice365, online, pmo, projectClosedApproved
16574Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams is part of our Office365 subscription and is a collaborative tool that provides for group based messaging, chat, calendar, file storage, and audio/video conferencing. MIcrosoft Teams combines many Office365 tools into a single place. Microsoft Teams may be accessed via Web, mobile device, and desktop client.Nocalendar, chat, collaboration, conferencing, messaging, microsoft, ms-teams, on-lineClosedApproved
269252Minuet (Inteum)Minuet (Inteum) is fully customizable with unlimited user-defined fields, a built-in content management system and a form layout editor. Allows for 10 languages, creation of activity alerts, tracking office activities, emails, correspondence, documents, notes and more.Yescontent-management, inteum, minuetClosedApproved
147734MiroMiro provides brainstorming templates with every project to teach ideation strategies. Miro as a digital whiteboard that makes it easy to collaborate with others. The software allows users to create notes and designs, move things around, and communicate through embedded video calls or online chats.Yesart, brainstorming, education-whiteboard, ideation, miro, templates, whiteboardResolvedApproved
236682Modern Campus Platform: Destiny One plus Omni CMSThe addition of Modern Campus Platform: Destiny One plus Omni CMS allows for customization of public pages with ease, similar to manner the Drupal platform does for Mason's main web presence. Mason will be able to track user data, easily create pages, add/adjust images and video, among other useful tasks.Yescms, curriculum, destiny, modern-campus, omni, platform, sis, websiteResolvedApproved
65775MogliMogli is a SF native app that will make our texting functionality easier. The product offers both bulk and 1x1 texting capabilities. Short code is compatible.Yesmogli, textingClosedApproved
142035MuralMural is a virtual collaboration tool. MURAL enables teams to think and collaborate visually to solve problems.Nocollaboration, diagrams, facilitation, mural, process-maps, virtual, whiteboardsResolvedApproved
245197Mural add-in to ZoomMural add-in to Zoom will allow meeting organizers to add shared digital canvas to a Zoom meeting so that all participants can collaborate visually in real time.Yescollaboration, digital-canvas, meeting, mural, real-time, zoomResolvedApproved
243671Muse Score for the School of Music (CVPA)Muse Score for the School of Music (CVPA) is a free program that does music notation. Currently used extensively in the Pop Music Arranging course in addition the Music Theory and Composition/Arranging faculty use it several of their courses as well.Noeula, muse, muse-score, music, music-notation, notationResolvedApproved
119831MyLiveMyLive is an online platform for video distribution and monetization.Yesdistribution, events, live-streaming, monetization, mylive, paid, streaming, videoResolvedApproved
98658NavianceNaviance software allows students to tag colleges they are interested in. The premium version also allows institutions to download the student info from those who are interested in said institution.Yescolleges, information, naviance, studentClosedApproved
62808Navigate MasonNavigate Mason kiosk solution would allow students to check in with their G numbers while they wait for assistance from Staff in the Insurance Office and Immunization area.Yesappointment, health, immunization, insurance, kiosk, navigate, studentClosedApproved
244811NDIEnable NDI, a video-over-IP transport and codec.Yesenable-ndi, gmu-tv, ndi, voice-over-ipResolvedApproved
122782NearpodNearpod is an interactive learning platform that permits collaborative activities that aren't possible on Zoom alone.Nocollaboration, integration, learning, nearpod, zoomClosedApproved
101762NearpodNearpod can be used to create asynchronous sessions for online courses. Nearpod allows educators to insert features (questions, matching, flipgrid, polls, collaborative comments, etc…) and tracks students’ responses to these for accountability.Yesasynchronous, nearpod, online, synchronous, teachingClosedApproved
269321Neat VideoNeat Video is an industry-standard video de-noiser plugin that function within a previously approved or requested software application (Adobe Creative Suite). It is a digital filter designed to reduce visible noise, flicker and other imperfections found in footage from digital video cameras, DSLRs, TV-tuners and even digitized film or VHS.Nodenoiser, neat-video, video-de-noiser, video-filter, visible-noiseResolvedApproved
258435NVivoNVivo has already been approved. (See ASRB Ticket # 132693 for more details.)Noanalysis, nvivo, researchResolvedApproved
80340OnityOnity OnPortal Lock Mangement System.Noaccess, card, door, hall, locks, onity, residenceResolvedApproved
143199Online Wall Street Journal Subscription (WSJ)Online Wall Street Journal Subscription (WSJ)Nojournal, subscription, wsjResolvedApproved
167294Open OnDemandOpen OnDemand helps computational researchers and students efficiently utilize remote computing resources by making them secure and easy to access from any device.Yes2fa, duo, ondemand, open-ondemand, shibbolethResolvedApproved
156683Open Science Framework (OSF)Open Science Framework (OSF), Center for Open Science. OSF is an open source project and research data management tool that supports researchers throughout the project lifecycle enabling scientists to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their research.Yescenter, center-for-open-science, computing, contract, osf, research, researchers, resources, science, university-librariesResolvedApproved
73417Ops-GenieOps-Genie would allow for scheduling and tracking around our on-call process. This would further allow us to import operations by providing escalations paths and more avenues to connect to our staff. This would also provide tools to staff to define work flow and general instructions for how we should respond to outages.Yesmonitoring, on-call, ops-genie, phone, scheduling, trackingClosedApproved
112194Outlook IntegrationThe Outlook Integration software tool from Salesforce is a free software tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook via server side authentication.Noemail, integration, outlook, salesforceResolvedApproved
276668OwnbackupOwnbackup provides secure and regular backup and restore capabilities for the Salesforce application.Yesbackup, ownbackup, restore, salesforceClosedApproved
87686Oxford SimulationOxford Simulation is simulation software that provides nursing simulation so students can meet state requirements.Yeshealthcare, nursing, online, oxford, simulation, training, virtualResolvedApproved
145627Perusall integration with BlackboardIntegration between Perusall and Blackboard is required. Perusall is platform that allows students and faculty to annotate assigned readings in many different manners.Yesblackboard, collaboration, integration, online, perusall, readingsResolvedApproved
121376PiazzaPiazza is a learning management system which allows students to ask questions in a forum-type format. Instructors are able to moderate the discussion, along with endorsing accurate answers. (At GMU integrated with Blackboard.)Yesblackboard, integration, piazzaResolvedApproved
177046PLT4MPLT4M is a platform that will enable Club Football team members to access and complete daily workouts, and give coaches a simple way to track the performance of individual athletes.Yesclub-football, football, plt4m, tracking, workout, workout-trackingResolvedApproved
60745Polar Team ProThe Polar load monitoring system helps GMU uphold these initiatives by giving us valuable information about what the athletes are experiencing, which then enables GMU Athletics to make informed decisions based off of quantitative data.Noathletes, athletics, basketball, monitoring, ncaa, performance, polar, team, wbbClosedApproved
261007Poll EverywherePoll Everywhere is an online service that allows teachers to ask their students a question. The students answer the question using their mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers.
Yesblackboard, live-poll, poll, poll-everywhere, polling-toolResolvedApproved
169262PostbacCASPostbacCAS - Allow COS to implement PostbacCAS by LiaisonYesabs, abs-certificate, enrollement, medical, pbc, postbaccasResolvedApproved
299226QUARC EssentialsQUARC Essentials for use in ENGR computer labs to facilitate ME 432 labs that utilize Quanser Cubes.Nocomputer-labs, quanser-cubes, quarc, quarc-essentialsClosedApproved
255113Quixel BridgeQuixel Bridge is a desktop application that serves as a supporting tool for browsing, searching, downloading, importing and exporting Megascans assets. Bridge is also a content management system custom made to serve our Megascans users.Yesdevelopment, game, game-development, quixel, quixel-bridgeResolvedApproved
106793QuizletQuizlet creates and designs tools used for studying and learning.Yesclasses, language, online, quizletResolvedApproved
59420Qwickly Attendance tool (company is Qwickly)Qwickly Attendance tool (company is Qwickly) is integrated into Blackboard. The company is now moving to store attendance data in their own cloudYesattendance, blackboard, lti, qwicklyClosedApproved
256909Ready-textReady-text is a text messaging service.Yesmessaging, ready-text, text-messagingClosedApproved
274638RealEyeRealEye is an all-in-one solution to conduct distributed eye-tracking/ neuromarketing studies, and allows analysis of the data on the web browser.Yeseye-tracking, gaze-point, neuromarketing, realeyeClosedApproved
243707Reason Studios ReasonReason Studios Reason is a Digital Audio Workstation program/tool with beginner to advanced audio music synthesizing capability.Yesaudio, composition, music, reason, reason-studios-reason, synthesizerResolvedApproved
265872RideSharkRideShark provides a rideshare matching service for Mason students, faculty, and staff.Yesrideshare, rideshare-matching, ridesharkClosedApproved
167015Robotic Process Automation (UiPath)Robotic Process Automation (UiPath) is software that allows for the development of automated standard repeatable tasks/processes that typically are performed by humans.Yesamplitude9, automation, robotic-process, rpa, uipathResolvedApproved
78177RSA ArcherRSA Archer is an application to be used by the IT Security Office for a wide variety of security related tasks. The application will allow ITSO to improve and expand its existing IT GRC program while adding additional use cases.Yesarcher, itso, rsa, securityClosedApproved
114462RStudio CloudRStudio Cloud is a lightweight, cloud-based solution that allows anyone to do, share, teach and learn data science online.Yescloud-based, development, ide, instructors, r-language, rstudioResolvedApproved
173459Sage VantageSAGE Vantage is an intuitive digital platform that blends trusted SAGE content with auto-graded assignments.Yesblackboard, integration, sage, vantageResolvedApproved
26552SAS ViyaThis particular SAS Viya ASRB ticket is notification that SAS is to move to an AWS environment.Yesanalytics, aws, sas, visual, viyaClosedApproved
141376SciformationThe Sciformation Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN includes a lab notebook, database for analytical data, a LIMS workflow, chemical inventory, in-house ordering system and literature database. There are integrated web robots for substance data and literature. Analytical data can be annotated like on paper and there are viewers for graphs and 3D models.Yeschemical, chemical-inventory-software, electronic-laboratory-notebook, eln, laboratory, lims, research, sciformationResolvedApproved
91626Shadow HealthShadow Health's Digital Clinical Experiences allow students in a variety of programs and expertise levels to practice the skills they need to care for their patients in a safe and standardized environment available 24/7.Nohealth, nursing, online, shadow, shadowhealth, shadow-health, trainingClosedApproved
101032ShibbolethShibboleth: use as the authentication method for survey application on a RedCap server.Yesauthentication, redcap, shibbolethResolvedApproved
251993Show Cue SystemsShow Cue Systems is a solution for creating dynamic sound designs for live theatrical productions and for backing track playback and automation for live music productions.Yesmusic-productions, playback, show-cue-systems, sound, sound-design, theatrical, theatrical-productions, trackResolvedApproved
167274Sight Reading FactorySight Reading Factory is an online application that is specifically designed to improve a student's note reading ability.Yesmusic, music-classes, music-courses, sight-reading, sightreadingfactoryResolvedApproved
273992SkeddaSkedda is an online booking, reservation and scheduling system for desks, rooms, courts, studios and spaces.Yesscheduling, scheduling-tool, skedda, space-schedulingClosedApproved
94463SkillSurvey Career ReadinessSkillSurvey is designed for measuring the career readiness of university students within the student employment environment. The SkillSurvey Career Readiness tool also provides a technical solution to many of the programs' administrative challenges while providing even more benefits to our students.Yesassessment, career, readiness, skillsurvey, survey, talentClosedApproved
262576Skyfactor/BenchworksSkyfactor/Benchworks is an online survey tool.Yesskyfactor-benchworks, survey, survey-toolClosedApproved
261602SleeknoteSleeknote is a pop up marketing tool.Yesmarketing, marketing-tool, pop-up, sleeknoteResolvedApproved
66750SlidoSlido is a web-based crowd-sourcing tool that will allow us to facilitate different event engagements that our audience can interact with any internet enabled device.Yescrowd-sourcing, engagement, event, events, polls, slidoClosedApproved
76296SmartsheetSmartsheet is used to track reconciliation, time, projects, and bid match applications for clients. Software is cloud based, allows for weekly backup, and is secure.Noapplications, client, cloud, management, project, smartsheet, track, trackingClosedApproved
238141Smartsheet LicenseSmartsheet is an online app structurally like a spreadsheet application that people use to manage and track collaborative work.Yesproject, smartsheet, spreadsheet, workflowsResolvedApproved

  • Snap&Read Universal

  • Co:Writer Universal

Snap&Read is a text-to-speech application.

Co:Writer is a writing support tool for students with learning challenges.
Nochrome, co-writer, plug-in, snap-read, text-to-speachResolvedApproved
137111SnipeITSnipeIT offers comprehensive inventory management, including systems, components, and consumables. This an an open source platform that offers these capabilites as well as SAML integration (for Single Sign-On).Yescomponents, computers, consumables, inventory, snipeit, systems, trackingResolvedApproved
238478Social Tables (Cvent)Social Tables (Cvent) Renew the contract with CVENT for Social Tables that expired during COVID.

The Social Tables software is utilized to scale event diagrams.
Yescvent, event-diagrams, social-tablesResolvedApproved
294568Spectrolite for MACsSpectrolite for MACs is an application that drives one of the new devices in Printmaking, the Risograph.Noprintmaker, risograph, spectrolite, spectrolite-macClosedApproved

  • Spine

  • 3D Coat

  • Unity Engine

Spine is an animation tool that focuses specifically on 2D animation for games.

3D Coat is a commercial digital sculpting program.

Unity Engine is a cross-platform game engine,
Yes3d-coat, animation, art, spine, unityResolvedApproved
25961SPSSSPSS is a statistical analysis tool/software package - approved for single userNolicense, spss, statisticalClosedApproved
169028SSO for WolframSSO for Wolfram Wolfram products (i.e. Mathematica) already in use at MasonNomathematica, sso, wolframResolvedApproved
139985StackerStacker for AirTable. Stacker "sits on top" of AirTable and provides a way to manage the AirTable data.Yesadmissions, airtable, cehd, marketing, permissions, stacker, workflowResolvedApproved
61118StarRezStarRez is for conference management and staff application tool with the ability to interface with Docusign.Yesapplication, contract, event, events, housing, registrationClosedApproved
172061StellicStellic is a platform/tool(s) that will be used for: Student Course Planning, Degree Auditing and Integrated Registration SystemYesauditing, course, course-plannng, degree, registration, stellicClosedApproved
269309StreamYardStreamYard is a live streaming studio for a browser. Interview guests, brand broadcasts, and much more.Yeslive-streaming, streaming-studio, streamyardResolvedApproved
101538StreamYardStreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, brand your broadcast, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Yesconversations, live-streaming, performances, social-media, streaming, streamyardResolvedApproved
97573Student Opportunity Center provided a WordPress websiteStudent Opportunity Center provided a WordPress website for students to submit their presentations.Yescollection, hosting, opportunity, presentation, studentopportunitycenter, web, website, wordpressClosedApproved
157827StudentBridge Virtual Campus Experience (Video Viewbook and Interactive Campus Maps)StudentBridge Virtual Campus Experience (Video Viewbook and Interactive Campus Maps) solutions deliver a fully-customized virtual experience. The software has a Target X integration for name capture and prospective student follow-up. The goal is to showcase on the student experience and features of our programs and professional/social hot spots in the surrounding areas.Yesstudentbridge, student-experience, virtual-campusResolvedApproved
176021Students to create an AWS account from AmazonStudents to create an AWS account from Amazon. The purpose of this request is to eliminate the potential issues with FERPA.
Note:This request is approved to move forward. The students should create their own AWS accounts to use in the class. No grades or student information will be stored in AWS.
Yesamazon, aws, aws-accountsResolvedApproved
86985SynarioSynario is a financial modeling platform used to forecast future financial and budget scenarios.Yesfinancial, forecasting, modeling, synarioClosedApproved
283196Tax Navigator (Additional license for Interface)Tax Navigator: Additional license for Interface.Yestax-navigator, tax-navigator-interfaceClosedApproved
105009TDX Integration for MS TeamsInstall and configure the TDX application within GMU's Office 365 environment.Yesdynamics, ms-teams, office365, tdx, teamsClosedApproved
265398TeamBuildrTeamBuildr is a strength and conditioning software.Yesathletic, conditioning, strength, teambuildrClosedApproved
131653TeamDynamix Architecture changeThe proposed change to the TeamDynamix architecture, consists of a move from a TeamDynamix standalone virtual server to Microsoft's SQL Managed Instance. While TeamDynamix's datacenter provider has always been Microsoft, this change will now utlize Microsoft's SQL Managed instance, removing the site-to-site VPN tunnel between Mason and TeamDynamix. The new connection to our TeamDynamix database will be through an encrypted internet connection.Yesarchitecture, tdx, teamdynamixResolvedApproved
104870TeamworksTeamworks is an athlertic engagement platform. The software and app help perform tasks including scheduling and communication, to sharing files and managing travel.Yesbasketball, teamworksResolvedApproved
286662Think-cellThink-cell is a tool that enables users to create complex data-driven charts, professional presentations, maintain a presentation's structure with auto-updating agendas and more.Yescharts, presentations, think-cellClosedApproved
285168Tiki-Toki Timeline CreatorTiki-Toki Timeline Creator online interactive timeline creation tool.Yestiktok-timeline, timeline-builderClosedApproved
256019Tone SavvyThe Tone Savvy Online program to help music student with ear training and dictations, as well as collecting data regarding our students' improvement over time.Yesear-training, music-instruction, music-training, tone-savvyResolvedApproved
269320Topaz Labs Denoise AITopaz Labs Denoise AI is an industry-standard photo editing plugin that function within a previously approved or requested software application (Adobe Creative Suite).Yesdenoise, photo, photo-editing, topaz-labs, topaz-labs-denoise-aiResolvedApproved
91607TopHatTopHat electronic textbook for COMM 101.Yesblackboard, covid-19, electronic, textbook, tophatClosedApproved
110010Trimble SketchUp ProTrimble SketchUp Pro is a Computer Aided Design and Drafting program.Nocad, design, drafting, sketchup, technical, theatre, trimbleResolvedApproved
107122Twitch—OBS StudioTwitch is an on-line streaming service. OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program built with Qt and maintained by the OBS Project.Yescompetitions, e-gaming, e-sports, e-tournaments, live-streaming, recreation, streaming, twitchClosedApproved
137290TyphonTyphon is a cloud-based application subscription to track clinical hours and performance for both the undergrad and graduate nursing students.Yeschhs, clinical, hours, nursing, students, tracking, typhonResolvedApproved
24907UiPathUiPatis a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development tool is used for converting basic static standard manual processes into automated processes.Yesautomation, business, robot, robotics, uipathClosedApproved
67974UniversityTicketsUniversityTickets$mdash;event management system is TouchNet ready and VPAT certified.Yesevents, management, schar, universityticketsClosedApproved
273128Unreal 5Unreal 5 is an advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences that is often used for video game creation.Yes3d-creation, game-creation, gaming, immersive, photoreal, unreal-5ClosedApproved

  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Eclipse IDE

  • Open J9 OpenJDK

  • Visual Studio Community 2019

Unreal Engine is the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

CRYENGINE is a game engine.

Eclipse IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE). It contains a base workspace and an extensible plug-in system for customizing the environment.

Open J9 OpenJDK is a high performance, scalable, Java virtual machine implementation that is fully compliant with the Java Virtual Machine Specification.

Visual Studio Community 2019 is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs, as well as websites, web apps, web services and mobile apps.
Yescommunity-2019, cryengine, eclipse-ide, microsoft, openj9, openjdk, unrealengine, visual-studioResolvedApproved
105328UWorld OnlineUWorld Online NCLEX Prep (nursing exam preparation platform)Yesnclex, online, prep, uworldResolvedApproved
77474Validity DemandTools SoftwareValidity DemandTools Software is used for data hygiene, data importing and exporting, data correction, and mass research with a Salesforce CRM. The tool has direct access to Salesforce only.Yesbusiness, crm, damandtools, salesforce, validityClosedApproved
243677VCV RackVCV Rack is an open-source software for audio and synthesis tool (virtual modular synthesizer). It is one of the best programs out there for visually showing signal flow in a computer audio environment.Yesaudio, open-source, rack, synthesizer, vcv, vcv-rackResolvedApproved
247424Vimeo OTTVimeo OTT is a video streaming subscription serviceYeslive-streaming, streaming, subscription, video-streaming, vimeo, vimeo-ottResolvedApproved

  • Vimeo Premium

  • Squadcast

  • Zoom

Executive Development in the School of Business will be producing podcasts, webinars, and recorded videos to be posted or live-streamed online for the business community. The following tools will be used: Vimeo Premium (which supports live-streaming and simulcasting), Squadcast (podcast with remote features so that guests can work from their own computers) and Zoom (webinars). We will be working with a multi-media expert to assist with the development and posting of the content.Nobusiness, community, live-streaming, outreach, podcast, remote, squadcast, vimeo, zoomClosedApproved service is a web-based application that will assist the Map clinic with patient referrals and connect with other health providers.

Yesclinic, health, map-clinic, patient, providers, referrals, uniteus, virginia-uniteusResolvedApproved
174304Visio Data VisualizerVisio Data Visualizer is a Microsoft plug-in for Excel that allows the data to be viewed as Visio diagrams.
The plug in DOES NOT provide a Visio license or software; licenses must be obtained separately.
Nodiagrams, excel, microsoft, visio, visio-data-visualizer, visio-plugin, visualizerResolvedApproved
105142Visual Studio Code (Microsoft)Visual Studio Code is a source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git.Nocode-management, microsoft, source-code-editor, visual-studio, vs-codeClosedApproved
150242VoiceThreadVoiceThread, a tool connected through LTI into Blackboard, provides faculty and students with the ability to create dynamic media and presentations that support increased interactivity and engagement in Mason's online courses.Yesblackboard, collaboration, dynamic, lti, media, presentations, voicethreadResolvedApproved
87680VSim LaerdalVSim Laerdal for Nursing offers learning experiences in an online, on-demand environment to continue to support students' clinical preparedness.Nocovid-19, laerdal, nursing, self-directed, training, vsim, webinarsClosedApproved
137972WatermarkWatermark software supports the critical, foundational work of assessment planning and accreditation.Yesaccreditation, prep, preparation, self-study, tool, watermarkResolvedApproved
269314Waves pluginsWaves plugins are industry-standard audio editing plugins that function within a previously approved or requested software application (Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X).Yesaudio-editing, waves, waves-pluginsResolvedApproved
26092WeeblyWeebly is a web hosting service specifically oriented for online shopping. Weebly has a free website creator, along with some paid subscription packages. Weebly allows for easy creation of an online product with an efolio output which is an attractive feature students can utilize to build their resumes.Yesbuilder, efolio, resume, student, website, weeblyClosedApproved
140228WeVideoWeVideo is a cCollaborative, Web-Based Video Editing and Teaching Application:Yescollaboration, editing, video, wevideoResolvedApproved
157860When I WorkWhen I Work is an employee time, attendance and scheduling app.Nocommunication, scheduling, staff, staff-scheduling, wheniwork, when-i-workResolvedApproved

  • WinRAR

  • Audacity

  • Handbrake

  • gVIM

  • Tabletop Simulator

WinRAR is an alternative to 7-Zip.

Audacity is a basic audio recording and editing.

Handbrake is afile format conversion.

gVIM is an alternative text editor for basic programming without an IDE.

Tabletop Simulator is for the creation of table top games remotely.
Yesaudacity, e-gaming, game-design, gaming, gvim, handbrake, tabletop-simulator, winrarResolvedApproved
155465WordPress (to build a community website)The proposed solution is to build a community website using "open-source" product (WordPress), hosting both website and resource content on George Mason servers (DSHI). The site will be supported and managed with Mason staff to include site content, training resources, and educational research.Yeschhs, community, dshi, nurses, online, open-source, vcop, website, wordpressResolvedApproved
241007WrikeWrike is a versatile online project management and work collaboration platform that enables teams to deliver work with speed and efficiency. Important features of Wrike include:

  • tracking tasks and projects across the team and with multiple clients and stakeholders

  • overview of all staff work

  • reporting on past projects

  • single source of information on projects and tasks

  • avanced resource allocation (in terms of staff time and effort)

  • intake forms and automated workflows

  • proofing tools and Adobe CC integration

Yescollaboration, communication, management, marketing, on-line, project, project-management, wrikeResolvedApproved
152678zFairsThe zFairs software collects student projects in a database, registers judges, assigns judges to projects, and creates easy-to-use virtual judging forms.Noengineering, judges, projects, science, students, virtual-fairs, zfairsResolvedApproved
174245Zoho ShiftsZoho Shifts is software used for Disability Services ASL interpreters. it blasts the available jobs that open, they can bid for the job, then get confirmation emailed to them. It also keeps a calendar of all the jobs for the manager of deaf services.Yesasl, deaf, disability-services, hearing-impaired, interpreters, schedule, sign-languageResolvedApproved
89110ZoomZoom provides videotelephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations.Yesclasses, enterprise, meetings, virtual, zoomClosedApproved
150464Zoom RoomsZoom Rooms for the pilot phase.

Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. Zoom Rooms can be used for room-only attendees, or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device (from

Computers will be on MESA and the project is funded by GMU Instructional Foundation.

Note:the Deputy CIO has mandated approval of this ticket for a proof of concept. The condition of this approval is the identification of a support model.
Yesconferencing, instructional, rooms, studio, zoom, zoom-roomsClosedApproved
IDKB SolutionKB DescriptionReview Required for New UTagsStatusSolution Status
284341Zolasuite and NetDocuments integrationZolasuite and NetDocuments - these software tools are for legal centric document managementYesdocument-management, netdocuments, zola, zolasuite, zola-suiteClosedApproved
291631New pair of testing and production service accounts for HR to interface HCM data.New pair of testing and production service accounts for HR to interface HCM data.Yescardinal, hcmClosedApproved
293343Include U Bystander Bias TrainingInclude U Bystander Bias Training - The course will be offered via Blackboard.Yesbias-training, blackboard, trainingClosedApproved
293748VEOCI VEOCI - software for COOP planningYescoop, coop-planning, veociClosedApproved
296954HonorlockHonorlock - is a software tool that provides proctoring services and additional software that searches for leaked content and works with instructors to request the removal of the material.Yesexams, honorlock, proctor, proctoringClosedApproved
297843Teamwork SuiteTeamwork Suite - is an operations management platform that supports project management, users, and collaboration activities, processes, and procedures.Yescollaboration, operations, procedures, processes, project-management, teamwork-suiteClosedApproved
302843LA CampusLA Campus - Learning Assistant software that includes interfaces for faculty to submit course proposals to work with LAs, for students to apply for LA positions, and for faculty to interview and hire LAs for their courses.Yeshiring, la-campus, la-positions, learning-assitantClosedApproved
303680Ableton LiveAbleton Live - is a digital audio workstation designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering.Yesableton-live, digital-audio-workstationClosedApproved
303682EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic OrchestraEastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra - is a Virtual Instrument library to be used with Music Production.Yeseastwest-quantum-leap-symphony-orchestra, virtual-instrument, virtual-musical-instrument-libraryClosedApproved
303684Steven Slate Drums SSD5Steven Slate Drums SSD5 - is a Virtual Drum Instrument Plug-inYesseven-slate-drums, ssd5, virtual-drumsClosedApproved
303692Figure 53 QlabFigure 53 Qlab - this is macOS software for designing and playing back sound, video, light, and show control cues.Yesfigure-53-qlab, lightning, show-control-cues, sound-design, videoClosedApproved
309326Synergy SportsSynergy Sports - this software, in conjunction with already installed cameras focused on the court at the arena, tracks athletes as they perform. Footage may be used for analysis and or marketing.Yesathletics, synergy, synergy-sportsResolvedApproved
272389Clickup - integration with TeamsClickup - is a project management tool that will be integrated with MS TeamsYesclickup, project-management, teams-integrationClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
286132MetrifitMetrifit - an athlete monitoring system that gathers subjective and objective information from both coaches and athletes to drive behavior modification and improvement through insights modeled on descriptive and predictive analytics. (Metrifit Web Page)Yesathletic-monitoring, athletics, metrifit, monitoringClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
289105Smartsheet for Outlook

Smartsheet for Outlook - request is to Install the Smartsheet for Outlook add-in and integrate Teams for all 5 of our Smartsheet licenses.Yessmartsheet, smartsheet-for-outlookClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
29158722miles Digital Signage22miles Digital Signage - interactive wayfinding softwareYes22miles, 22miles-digital-signage, interactive-wayfinding, wayfindingClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
291850CuratescapeCuratescape - provides curated exhibition tours of campuses.Yescampus-tours, curated-tours, cutatescapeClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
293355ORACLE OPERA PMSORACLE OPERA PMS - is a cloud base property management systemYesoracle-opera-pms, property, property-management, trainingClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
299343Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere - allows members in Microsoft Teams to create multiple choice activites/surveys/polls directly in Microsoft TeamsNopoll-everywhere, polling-tool, survey-toolClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
302897Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP)Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) - is a transformative tool that allows for higher education institutions to measure, assess, and share their student success data with GMU.Yespdp, postsecondary-data-partnershipClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
303460AD InstrumentsAD Instruments - enables students to understand basic and advanced concepts in exercise physiology including metabolism, cardio-respiratory effects of exercise and energy expenditure during exercise.Yesadi, ad-instruments, exersize-physiologyClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
303686FabFilter Total Bundle Plug-in CollectionFabFilter Total Bundle Plug-in Collection - Audio processing plug ins for Music Production.Yesaudio-processing, fabfilter, fabfilter-plugin, music-productionClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00 Run/Walk web Run/Walk web tool - facilitates the management of race logistics and communications and transactions with runners/walkersYes5k, events, race, race-events, runsignup, run-walk, walkClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
305073Peregrine GlobalPeregrine Global Solutions - is the globally recognised leader in providing online assessment services, online educational services, and higher education support services to institutions of higher education and academic organizations.Yeson-line-assessment, online-testing, peregrine-global-servicesClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
307444Medicat One CounsellingMedicat One Counselling - module will be used by behavioral health staff for mental and behavioral health management.Yescounselling, medicat, medicat-one, medicat-one-counsellingClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
308917Shoebox - clinical-audiometerShoebox - clinical-audiometer for hearing testsYesclinical-audiometer, hearing, hearing-test, shoeboxClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
309230Final DraftFinal Draft - is the industry standard software used by film and television professionals. While this software is primarily used as a word processor that helps writers format their work according to this highly specific and standardized writing practice, Final Draft provides additional tools critical to script development, film production, and directing.Yesfinal-draft, movies, scripts, television, writingClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
309502Archibus data integrationArchibus data integration - Archibus contractor, Newmark, to do an automated import of employee data in order to connect people to the spaces they occupy.Yesarchibus-data-integration, office-spaceClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
309663Vonage UCaaS and CCaaSVonage - has been selected as the vendor for the new GMU Telecommunications (UCaaS and CCaaS) SystemYesccaas, telecommunications, ucaas, vonageClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
310744MURFMURF - is a studio quality AI voice-over generating softwareYesmurf, voice, voice-overClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
312087MatterportMatterport - is used to produce and host on their servers 3D renderings of the residence halls as a promotional and informational tool for new and current residents.Yesmatterport, residential, residential-hall, virtual-toursClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
313232flexMIRTflexMIRT - is a multilevel, multidimensional, and multiple group item response theory (IRT) software package for item analysis and test scoring.Yesflexmirt, irt, item-analysis, item-response-theory, test-scoringClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
313390Digital Audio Delivery (DAD)Digital Audio Delivery (DAD) - DAD system from ENCO is an on-air and practice studio software. It provides multiple functions: Live-assist (for live shows), voice tracking (for pre-recorded shows) and automation (for 24/7 continuous streaming on the WGMU website).Yesdad, digital-audio-delivery, on-air, on-air-studio, practice-studio, studio-softwareClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
314534IMLeaguesIMLeagues - is used to manage registration and communication for intramural and club sports teams. All game schedules and game results are managed within this app.Yesimleagues, intramural-management, intramural-sportsClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
315208CobblestoneCobblestone - “End-to-End” enterprise level, completely web-enabled Contract Management Software SolutionYescobblestone, contract, contract-managememtClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
315404CulturaGoCulturaGo Study Abroad Culture Courses - courses for students to learn about the culture, the country, and the navigation within the culture where they are studying abroad.Yesabroad, courses, culturago, culture, study-abroadClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
316951Just Play SolutionsJust Play Solutions - is a content creation and aggregation platform that helps coaches better connect with, prepare, and teach athletes.Yesathletes, athletics, coaching, just-play-solutions, sportsClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
316961NetLogoNetLogo - is a programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena.Yesdata-modeling, modeling, netlogo, simulationClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
318033TimelyMDTimelyMD - a student-first telehealth providerYesstudent-health, telehealth, tele-health, timelymdClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
318101FontbaseFontbase - is an intuitive and flexible font management software which is useful for any design student. Fontbase provides the ability to access typefaces that are not already installed on computer systems, expanding the range of solutions they are able to develop in response to assignments.Yesfont, fontbase, font-managementClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
319040OwnBackupOwnBackup - a backup service for Salesforce.Yesownbackup, salesforce, salesforce-backupClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
319789Archibus contract renewal

Archibus - space (e.g.: office) management software contract renewalYesarchibus, office-space, space-managementClosedApproved2022-09-21 00:00:00
IDKB SolutionKB DescriptionReview Required for New UTagsStatusSolution Status
274965CUE AudioCUE Audio - Uses data-over-audio technology to create light shows at events.Yescue-audio, events, light-showClosedApproved
292902CollaboratoryCollaboratory - is a tool for tracking, managing, reporting, and assessing community engagement activities on college campuses.Yescollaboratory, community-engagementClosedApproved
308724Kivuto OnTheHub PremiumKivuto OnTheHub Premium - is an academic and administrative software platform.Yesacademic-software, administrative-software, kivutoClosedApproved
313475StukentStukent - software that provides cutting-edge simulations and coursewareYescourse-development, courseware, simulation, simulator, stukentClosedApproved
318103OrderNowOrderNow - The platform allows food orders to flow within the order line as in-person orders leveraging the same systems we already have in the kitchens. Further if offers integration with our Mason Card provider and allows students to use their dining dollars at these locations. The new platform offers unified reporting (with the online system and the POS system) and allows acceptance of Mason Funds as well as credit card.Yesfood-order, mason-food-ordering, ordernowClosedApproved
320070GraphPad PrismGraphPad Prism - is statistical analysis softwareYesgraphpad, graphpad-prism, statistical-analysis, statisticsClosedApproved
321466VividmedianyVividmediany - to create the highest quality virtual toursYesphotos, virtual-tours, vividmedianyClosedApproved
321846FEVO TicketingFEVO - is social commerce software. It will be used as an additional option for ticketing.Yesfevo, social, social-commerce, ticketingClosedApproved
322069Simple In/OutSimple In/Out - is an Microsoft Teams plug-in that electronically keeps track of staff "in/out" office status and allows for commenting for context.Yesin-out-office-tracking, simple-in-outClosedApproved
322107QLabQLab - is the industry standard for running digital cues, such as music images and video. QLab is used to run the audio/visual components of Concerts, Plays, and other Performances.Yesconcerts, digital-cues, performances, plays, qlabClosedApproved
323901Visit Publish (a Medicat feature)Visit Publish - this is a Medicat feature. Visit Publish is a new Patient Portal feature that automatically publishes a patient’s Visit Summary and/or Provider Notes to the Patient Portal.Yesmedicat-feature, patient-portal, provider-notes, visit-publishClosedApproved
324443Authentic8 SiloAuthentic8 Silo - Online Investigation Security and Anonymity, is used for safe and secure accessYesauthentic8, authentic8-silo, online-investigation, securityClosedApproved
324657FlipgridFlipgrid - is a social learning platform that allows educators to ask a question either through a video or voice recording, then the students may respond in a video or voice recording. Students may write comments in Flipgrid on teacher or student created videos.Yesflipgrid, social-learning-platform, social-platformClosedApproved
324686LabChart 8LabChart 8 - allows visualization of biopotentials in up to 4 analog channels, commenting on the data record, and real-time analysis. IYesbiopotentials, labchart-8, neurophysiologicalClosedApproved
325526IsadoraIsadora - is an industry-standard program for projection and digital media in the theater industry.Yesisadora, projection, projection-design, theatreClosedApproved
326006AirtableAirtable -- is an online tool that has the frontend structure of a spreadsheet with the backend strength of a database.Yesairtable, spreadsheet-databaseClosedApproved
326595Front Rush Inventory SoftwareFront Rush Inventory Software - inventory software for equipment rooms in the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.Yesathletic-equipment, equipment-inventory, front-rush, front-rush-inventoryClosedApproved
331723Winzip 26 Pro EditionWinzip 26 Pro Edition - is a file compression utility for Windows that zips and unzips files to conserve disk space and greatly reduce e-mail transmission time.Yesfile-compression, winzip, winzip-26ClosedApproved
334003Mobile Credential MigrationMobile Credential Migration - migrate to mobile credentials, and allowing the Mason ID to be carried on phones.Yesmobile-credentialClosedApproved
335387SIMX Virtual RealitySIMX Virtual Reality - software is used in the Simulation Lab. It is a fully immersive professional-grade virtual reality (VR) medical simulation training system.Yessimulation, simx-virtual-reality, virtual-trainingClosedApproved
337020Leonardo Elsag CarSystemLeonardo Elsag CarSystem - License Plate Reader (LPR) Integration Project. Virginia State Police will provide all necessary hardware to the George Mason University Police Department, along with required software through the vendor. Once installed, the VSP will whitelist public-facing IP addresses from the in-car MDTs, allowing access to the existing LPR database.Noleonardo-elsag-carsystem, license-plate-reader, policeClosedApproved
337230Sarah Michelle Nurse Practitioner 6-week crash course & review testSarah Michelle Nurse Practitioner 6-week crash course & review testYesnurse-practitioner, nurse-practitioner-course, nurse-practitioner-test-review, sarah-michelleClosedApproved
338261PCI-Pal Agent Assist - PCI-Pal portion of the Vonage

Of note - the IT Security review puts conditions on the use of this product, the approval of this request is conditional on following those conditions.
PCI-Pal Agent Assist - PCI-Pal portion of the Vonage will allow contact center agents to take credit card payments via their PCI-compliant product.Yescredit-card-payment, payment, pci-pal, pci-pal-vonageClosedApproved
338263Vonage eFAX solution

Of note - the IT Security review puts conditions on the use of this product, the approval of this request is conditional on following those conditions.
Vonage eFAX solutionYesfax, vonage-efaxClosedApproved
342591Geomagic WrapGeomagic Wrap - software that enables users to transform point cloud data, probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, archeology and analysis. Users may scan models, extract the features, and create solid models and complex profiles to bring into the design environment.Yes3d-model, 3d-polygon, 3d-scan, geomagic-wrapClosedApproved
343375Food Truck Forecaster SimulationFood Truck Forecaster - is online business simulation softwareYesfood-truck-forcastor, simulation, simulatorClosedApproved
345076ProcreateProcreate - is software that gives artists all the benefits of working digitally (ie: the ability to delete and correct easily, create art more quickly, and share work instantaneously) while recreating the familiar experience of pens, pencils, and paint on paper.Yesart, digital-art, digital-artist-tool, procreateClosedApproved
346387BlenderBlender - is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. (, 3d-graphics, animation, blender, graphics, visual-effectsClosedApproved
346429REAPERREAPER - is an acronym for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording and will facilitate sound students and faculty for the development of projects.Yesaudio, audio-engineering, reaper, sound, sound-engineeringClosedApproved