The BI Group staff are not experts on the data in reports or how that data is used. The business offices that enter, manipulate, and use the data on a daily basis are. If you have questions on data values, how results are calculated, business processes, or the purpose of a report, the best way to get help is to contact the relevant data steward (below). If you need assistance with report features or MicroStrategy capabilities please, submit a Request for MicroStrategy Support.

Data Stewards

Data MartContact NameEmailPhone
AdmissionsRob Peguesrpegues@gmu.edu3-2776
FinanceDavid Namiotkadnamiotk@gmu.edu3-3253
HRGreg Piroggpirog@gmu.edu3-4184
Procurement Pipeline
Chris Gernercgerner@gmu.edu3-3796
StudentNancy McBridenmcbride@gmu.edu3-2437

Create a Support Request

Please follow these instructions for How to Create a Support Request for MicroStrategy.