Classroom PCs and Flash Drives

Resolved Alert:

The issue that was preventing users’ access to files on USB drives from the file folder location on PCs in Registrar-scheduled classrooms has been resolved.


Alert Updates:

ITS has begun deploying a solution that will allow users to access files on a USB drive from the file explorer location. Once deployed to all machines, a final update will be provided. Until then, please continue to use the workaround provided in yesterday’s alert message.

Initial Alert:

ITS is currently troubleshooting an issue with Registrar-scheduled classroom PCs where users are unable to access their USB devices from the “File Explorer” location. Please note it is not being experienced in all classrooms. ITS staff are working to resolve this issue in a timely manner.

In the meantime, users can access their files from within the application they intend to use.

Example: If you need to load a PowerPoint file from your USB drive, open “PowerPoint,” select “Open,” navigate to your USB drive and select your file.

For additional information regarding the outage, please view the After Action Report.