Wi-Fi & Wired Networks Intermittently Unavailable in Select Academic & Administrative Buildings on All Campuses

Impact of the change on users:

The Wi-Fi and wired networks in the following buildings may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance period.

  • Arlington Campus
    • Hazel Hall
    • Vernon-Smith Hall
    • Van Metre Hall
  • Fairfax Campus
    • Innovation Hall
    • Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
    • Performing Arts Building
    • Merten Hall
    • Nguyen Engineering Building
    • Peterson Hall
    • Research Hall
    • Sandy Creek Offices Shenandoah Parking Deck
  • Science & Technology Campus
    • Biomedical Research Lab
    • Colgan Hall
    • Discovery Hall
    • Hylton Performing Arts Center
    • Institute Advanced Medical Research
    • Katherine G. Johnson Hall
    • VSE Labs at 9485 Innovation Circle

Any service, application, or website hosted or authenticated at any of the Mason campuses or locations may also be intermittently unreachable from the listed buildings during the maintenance period, including voice-over-IP (VoIP) and call center phones, and MS Teams calling. Cell phone service will not be impacted.

Reason for the change:

ITS is upgrading hardware code. (ID # 229465)